Sunday, August 9, 2015


is gone.

After several surgeries I decided at the beginning of this year that I will not let her have an other surgery. She was already two years old and should enjoy the autumn of her life. First, Mariko only had one tumour but with the time the tumour growed and spreaded so she got multiple.

A week ago, it was about time to let her go. It was, once again, foreseeable and I told myself so many times that this day will come and that it is the best to do. I thought I were "inured" to such a situation, but I guess I will never become accustomed. I cried my eyes out. It hurts.

Now.. the cage is empty. They are all gone. That makes it even more sad. It was a great time with the whole "rat gang" I once had. With each of them. Eventhough I know that they're just some lil pets to most people, however, they meaned pretty much to me and enriched my life so much. <3 <3 Luckily, the memories will stay forever...

Mariko, I knew you like our sister Evora from the very beginning. You were the photogenic shy one with the cutest eyes. My lil cutie, thank you for the great time. <'3

Mari with her favourite goodie

lil Mariko is learning to run but got her eyes still closed

young Mariko is cuddling

young Mariko

young Mariko and Pikachu

Mariko is sleeping

Luma and Mariko

Mariko with her sister Evora


(Mari, Mari-Chan)
*21.12.2012 - †01.08.2015


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