Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Christmas 2014

Hello my lovely mauw-mauws,

hope everyone got a wonderful christmas and a happy new years eve!!
I know I'm kinda late (to be honest, I am really, really late!) but I can't go on without a "Christmas (presents)" blog post! ^O^
My family celebrates christmas, as measured by presents, even bigger than one's birthday and so I feel always like a lil girl during christmas days. Im excited and would best open all presents already before christmas eve. Well, what should I say - I was not disappointed this christmas, too:

 In the aftermath, I received this three christmas presents in addition:

We celebrated christmas eve at my sisters place together with my parents, my brother-to-be and my nephew.

surrounded by presents from my family

On christmas day we were at my parents place. This day my grandman, an aunt and an uncle joined us. Gosh, I ate so much that day X'D

Finally on Boxing day, my sis Skullina, Serpentis, Mochi and Kuraude visited me and we ate sushi and other mainly japanese dishes.

Summarized, I enjoyed the christmas days very much. It was about time to have a few days off.


  1. Ich fand die letzte Zeit, den umstaenden zu trotze, sehr behaglich. Es war schoen zusammen zu ruecken und ich bin aufgeregt und gespannt auf dieses Jahr! Und all die Geschenke - awww...deine Wohnung kann nur eine Augenweide werden! ^-^ Hdggdl

  2. Ach, besser spät als nie mit dem Weihnachtspost. ;D
    Und so viele Geschenke mit Hello Kitty! o_o Ist ja der Wahnsinn.
    Freut mich aber, dass du ein schönes Weihnachtsfest mit deiner Familie hattest. ^-^