Monday, September 15, 2014

Lolita Meet-Up - Schloss Benrath (Düsseldorf) & walking on the motorway in Lolita clothes!

Hello my dear mauw-mauws,

we're just back home from Connichi and I make use of my last day off from work. Before I write about this years Connichi (it was once again a great-great time!), I need to tell you about the Lolita Meet-Up "Castles & Princesses" two weeks ago in Düsseldorf.

Actually, we (PrincessTenko, Fraeulein_Elisabeth, Don and me) were not really a part of the official meet-up because we didn't made it in time to the Meet-Up. But that was not so bad anyways because there were overall so many Lolita's at Schloss Benrath that the actual Lolita group had been splitted into several smaller groups.

Schloss Benrath is a baroque styled palais and has been build during the 18th century. The palais and its gardens are a great photo location for Lolita Fashion. ^___^ Sadly, the weather wasn't very summery - it was clouded and brisky all day long and so some of the photos we'd taken were a bit dark and/or pale, but let's have a look:

perfect second - the sun is shining

our personal photographer for today - Don <3

Following the photo session, we took a seat at the palais cafe and chatted a lot. As we left the cafe towards evening again, we ran into two young japanese women who were really excited about our outfits ~ "kawaii!" "かわいい!" "aaaah, kawaiiiiii" ~ as I thanked them in japanese they were even more excited, they fall all-over theirselves and asked us to took a photo with them (by the way, their english skills were noticeable good!!).

Around 6pm we then made our way home, but for Don and me the journey home took a bit longer than usual. Just before we leaved the Autobahn / motorway (only ~500m to go!!) we ran out of fuel.. what a mess! We misestimated!  I called the ADAC (german automobile club) and then Don and I made our way behind the crash barriers of the highway (it was not that easy to get behind them in Lolita clothes!) >__>  OMG I was so confused and excited first but then we both made fun of the situation..

sad Don 

What about a Lolita JSK with a highway print?! X'D

Luckily, we only had to wait like 10-15 minutes til the "Gelbe Engel" (yellow angel) of the ADAC reached us and filled Nyaygo's tank again. Thereafter this short delay we arrived safely and good-tempered at home X'D - I always wanted to walk on an Autobahn / a motorway while wearing Lolita... haha~


  1. Meh D: mach das hässliche Foto raus von mir x`D Achja~ das ist doch mal was! :D eine Lolita gestrandet auf der Autobahn d(^-^)b
    lg~<3 Liz

  2. Naja, aber das schlechte Wetter sieht man ja nicht auf den Fotos :D
    Das Schloss ist echt schön, passt total gut zu euch.
    "Sad Don" ist das Ausdrucks stärkste Bild überhaupt... xD

  3. Awwww ihr seht alle so hübsch aus <3 Besonders Don ;x
    Und das Schloss sieht auch mega geil aus...ich freu mich schon es mal zu besuchen^^