Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Luma in surgery (twice) and brave old Carli

Hello my sweet mauw-mauws,

July was a hard month for my rat gang. Before all others, my dear Vanilla passed away during the first days of July. A few days thereafter, I'd spotted that Luma got a lump. Because she is still full of vital energy I decided to give her in surgery. Everything went quite good, eventhough Luma had even lost a teat due to the lump and the healing process didn't went that good as usual because Luma LOVES to gnaw everything U__U .

Luma-Chan <3 - can you believe she turns already 2 years old this sunday?

Well, cause that isn't worth enough I needed to spot two more little tiny lumps on her belly. The wound of her surgery was not that completely healed as she went in surgery (for the in total third time!) again. Luckily, this surgery went fine, too, but I feel really sorry for her and right now I need to visit the vet every 2-3 days to make sure one of her new wounds will heal properly. Luckily, she can reach only one of her two wounds for gnawing. Now I need to disinfect and lotion the wound twice a day. Luma really keeps me on the run currently.

Luma having sweet dreams - she enjoys sleeping this way

good job Luma.. >__> the tacker were once at her wound.. 

Luma is not my only problem child: Carli is getting pretty old and her tumours are growing and growing. Since very recently, Carli started having a sort of quirk. She stretchs her head and nods and thereafter she gnaws at her nails. Of course I went to the vet with her, but it's complicated to tell with complete certainty why she is doing this. Most probably her brain isn't working that properly anymore and therefore she got this compulsive acts. Because Carli is besides that really doing well we decided to start a cortison therapy and it worked! I almost already gave up hope but my vet showed me better! Nevertheless, time is running against Carli and I must accept that she will go in the near future but I hope she can enjoy her last days as much as she is doing right now still..

Carli is already losing weight but she has a great appetite and is always one of the first who is greeting me

Nevertheless, it's all worth. The effort, the time, the money. Concering the money, I do not want to know yet how much I'd spent the last few month for my rat gang, some people would call me silly but I think I invest my money in one of the most precious things on earth: Life of Animals. Some people like to party each weekend, I enjoy other hobbies - having pets.

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  1. Schön das du dich so um deine Ratten-Gang kümmerst ;w; lg~<3