Tuesday, July 8, 2014


is gone.

I still disbelief she passed away yesterday in the morning. I went back from Paris on sunday/monday night (1 am) and one of the first things I always do when Im back home is to say "Hello!" to my pets. Everything seemed fine with my six cuties and Vanilla enjoyed herself by chilling in a hammock and watched me. As I woke up in the morning I took a look at my cuties again. At first glance, everything seemed okay but then I saw that Vanilla lay a bit odd. As I wanted to move her away she became frightened - she didn't noticed I was rummaging around her and seemed already absent. She was unable to clean up herself anymore and it was not possible for her to move the left part of her body somehow. I knew that the end would be close by. I arranged everything to get her to the vet already (my lovely sis would have been so kind to accompany me) but before I could go with her, she passed away. She took one last deep breath and passed away peacefully. No squeaking, no cramps. Everything went so fast.

Two weeks before, I decided to give Vanilla in surgery again. Once again, I'd spotted a lump. It would be Vanilla's in total third surgery and after having just this sad news with Carli (my vet and I decided not to operate her tumours, see Mari's 2nd surgery & more bad news) I felt unsure. But as I went to the briefing I instantly had a positive feeling, because Vanilla seemed to be very energetic eventhough she was in a stress situation. My vet then also suggested a surgery, also due to the fact that her last surgery has been about half a year ago. I felt happy and proud that we may could extend Vanilla's that much and had now a good feeling for Vanilla's upcoming surgery. The surgery went well and Vanilla was in a very, very good mood. I was really delighted - Vanilla was such a tough pet rat and the wound healed very well, too.

So much the more, Im very sad about her quite sudden decease. Maybe it was a fault to get her in surgery, on the other hand she had to be put to sleep around these days due the lump. Im just happy for her that she didn't had to suffer for such a long time.. now she's in the "Pet Palace in Heaven", we already had lay her to rest. Thanks to my mum, Don and my sister who stayed with me during this morning.. <3

Vanilla, thank you for the precious time. You were funny and sometimes a stubborn but incredible cute. I will miss you very much:

Happy Birthday, Vanilla - that day she went 2 years old!

first tries to make a pass with  young Vanilla


nyam nyam - Vanilla licks the bar gartes

Vanilla always payed attention to ones manicure

main point: comfortable - Vanilla is cleaning up herself

christmas time can be exhausting

Vanilla with Luma and Carli (front)

a typical Vanilla  "face" expression XD

right after her 3rd surgery - she felt pretty good

(Fatty-Chan <3)
*01.04.2012 - †07.07.2014

Rest In Peace!


  1. I wish you everything good ♥ I know how horrible is the feeling when you lose your important pet. Hugs!

  2. Vanilla hat ein stolzes Alter erreicht, ich hatte bei unseren Ratten in der Vergangenheit nicht das Glück, dass sie alle die 2 Jahre schaffen. Die meisten wurden zuvor leider krank oder bekamen nicht operablen Krebs. Ich denke du hast das bestmögliche getan und sie hatte auch im Alter noch eine gute Zeit. LG chibi

    1. Vielen Dank für deine Worte - <3 das freut mich sehr!

  3. Oh weh, das tut mir sehr sehr Leid für dich. Fühl dich gedrückt. Ich fühle mit dir. Aber denke daran, Vanilla hatte ein tolles, erfülltes und langes Rattenleben und du hast alles für sie getan.

    Vanila, komm gut über die Regenbogenbrücke. Ich bin sicher, dass du voller Freude dort auf der Käsewolke spielen und toben wirst. Alles Gute für dich!

    1. DAAANKE für deine warmen Worte. <3 Wir sind da ja ein wenig Leidensgenossen, nicht?

  4. oh nein, das tut mir so leid. mein beileid..
    aber ich bin sicher vanilla hatte eine sehr schöne zeit bei dir
    und ihr geht es jetzt bestimmt gut dort wo sie ist.

  5. Meiner armer Schatz <3
    RIP Vanilla

  6. Oh nein, das tut mir wirklich sehr leid. Aber wie schon gesagt wurde, sie hatte sicher ein tolles und erfülltes Leben bei dir!