Monday, June 30, 2014

Finally A Lolita Friends Meet-Up In Düsseldorf Again

Hello my sweet mauw-mauws,

it's been a while since I met up with my Lolita besties in Düsseldorf and so it was about time! As usually our first aim for today was Kiku Sushi again. But we also took some photos and tried to catch a sort of "Street Snap Style"-flavour:

PrincessTenko, me, Don, Kuraude and Fraeulein_Elisabeth

Fraeulein_Elisabeth looked both noble by wearing f. e. that pair of gloves and cute by wearing a cat ears hairband. 

Kuraude was once again our lovely angel in red. 

PrincessTenko poured a cute and cheeky aura

(Casual) Sweet Lolita Style

We also went to Takagi's Book Store and to the japanese supermarket. I love strolling through all those japanese stores and discover new products very much. After this exhausting shopping tour we took a seat at Sphere Bay. They not only selling great BubbleTea but also very delicious cookies. Moreover, you can enjoy yourself in an area full of popculture. They even supply pencils and papers for their customers and so I gave it a try and drawed the four ladies (Im just too untalented to draw boy/mens - sorry Don!):

PrincessTenko, Fraeulein_Elisabeth, Kuraude and me in Chibi-Style

I really enjoyed the day with my boyfriend and my Lolita besties. A shame we can't meet up more often and from now it will take at least still three more weeks til we will see us each other all again. U__U But well, the greatest pleasure probably lies in the anticipation...



  1. Ich bin ja eine Photobomb, in eurem letzten Bild auf der Straße xD
    Ihr saht alle sehr toll aus :3 Hab mich aber nicht getraut Hallo zu sagen D:

    1. Wäääh~ habs bemerkt. Wieso hast du nichts gesagt? D: XDDD

    2. Nyyyaaah, wie gesagt, hab mich nicht getraut :'D D:

  2. Awww ^^
    Wie süß du bist <3 <3 <3
    Ich fand den Tag auch sooo mega schön mit euch allen ~^x^~