Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Years Resolutions 2014 & Review of my 2013

Hello my sweet mauw-mauws,

May 2014 will be a year full of strength, love and happiness!

I hope you all had a great New Years Eve!
Personally, Im not a big fan of New Years Eve Parties. I spend new years eve with some of my friends, we just met up, chatted a lot , played videogames and well, had just a pretty nice day/evening/night.

Mochi, me, Gia and Don

Actually, Im not that kind of person who makes resolutions for the new year, because I do not think that everything will change just because the calendar year will change. But, currently Im in a bit more pensive mood, I speculate about how my life should go on and what kind of things are really important to me. We all know: We only live once - and this time should be special and great!
The reason I am probably in a bit more contemplative mood is that I have been really, really disappointed during the last months of 2013. I guess, I never have been that disappointed im my life yet and I never felt that punked. I was quite naivity because I thought that there is something like equality. Well, as a sequel, I have also took a decision. I don't want to write any details down (yet) all I want to say is that Im really grateful for having true friends and also family which supports me getting through such a time of (big) changes.
And so I got to the point were I thought that I should record some of my new years resolutions 2014:

- be less lazy
- improve my japanese skills (luckily I can start studying japanese in classes again soon)
- improve my sewing and tailor skills
- take more care of my body / my look and health (Im a really lazy person and should may do some fitness stuff to stay more fit)
- be more balanced, trying to keep in mind even more often how precious life is and that I am really lucky person
- be braver and more decivise
- save money for Japan o(^o^)o

Besides this issue I described further up this entry, 2013 was probably the best year in my life yet. After all this years I fulfilled my dearest wish: Visit Japan. And anyway, I have had made so many experiences although there were also dark periods:

- The (doomsday) baby rats growed up and found a lovely home
- My pet rat Luma got a benign tumour at the age of only 6 months - but everything went fine! Moreover, I had to go to the vet several times because Luma has mycoplasmosis.
- Because my former car (Ford Ka, nickname: NyandesKa) didn't get the TüV and was near a complete collapse, I was in need to buy a new car and found luckily my blue Toyoto Aygo ("Nyaygo") and I love it.
Mochi and I were part of a "documentary" which has been also shown on german TV in autumn.
- my hamster Sugar Teddiursa passed away on a sudden in April
- My mum and I went to London for two days. For my mum it was the first time to travel by an airplane.
- Our Lolita Meet-Up series "Aix-La-Chapelle" has been well etablished
- I went to a lot of Conventions and events, f. e. Connichi and Japantag.
- My biggest dream came true: My besties and I went to Japan!
- Don and I went to Vienna and I had even the chance to be part of Innocent World 1st Tea Party in europe!
- Vanilla had to be in surgery due to benign tumors: For the first time in November and only about 6 weeks later again in December. Luckily both surgeries went fine and Vanilla is doing great! =)

Once again I regonize that time really flies. Sometimes it scares me. But this won't let me stop to think about the future - I am really excited about 2014 and looking reliantly forward to my future.


  1. Spent New Year's Eve on pc
    was great ... so quickly the time went never

  2. Dir auch ein frohes neues Jahr! <3 ^-^ Und ganz viel Erfolg bei deinen Vorsätzen für 2014.