Tuesday, January 21, 2014

And the next one, please: Carli's surgery

Hello my dear mauw-mauws,

..I do not want to sound pessimistic, but by now 2014 seems to be a less good year. Not even a month ago, Vanilla had to be in surgery for the second time and now just last tuesday I spotted that Carli got a lump, too! I instantly called my vet for an appointment and went there on thursday. The lump is well operable, you can sway the lump very easily. On monday (01-20-2013) then Carli went in surgery.

Carli, we often call her also "Carlelou" XD

My vet told me that the lump was a benign tumour and looked like a "smartie". She also told me that she and her assistant "talked insistently" to Carli as she was in narcosis that she really should not gnaw the stitches afterwards. X'D Surpringsingly, Carli hasn't gnawed by now. ~^O^
Although the wound does look bad, Carli is doing very well and she has a great appetite. 

poor Carli but she is really doing great (click to enlarge the photo)

Like Vanilla and Luma also, Carli needed to move to a separate cage. I always feel really sorry for them when I have to set them alone in a cage, rats are pack animals, they like to care for another and like to cuddle. But Carli.. it does not bother her that much, she seems happy to have her repose and to have all the food just for herself. Tomorrow I will give Carli a run with her mates - I hope she will enjoy the company, but to be honest I think that she will probably go to her favourite spot after greeting the others for like two minutes and then making a nap there like she usually does.

sleepy santa
I hope I can enjoy watching Carli sleeping during their run still a many times. <3
(It's fun "decorating" Carli while she is asleep X'D)

Eventhough I have had pet rats since my childhood and knowing about their typical diseases, I am nevertheless pretty churned up and sad when I detect a lump and it needs to be removed by surgery. Tumors are the most common health problem for especially female rats along respiratory infects. It is terrible. It simply seems not fair that those smart, lovely and cute pet rats only got a life span of about 2 years and that they have to suffer a lot... p___q
But, at the end of the day, it is all worth. Each single Euro (I had a pretty expensive last "rat-care-year") and nerv (integration, surgeries..) they may cost. Rats provide love to you and enrich your home like no other rodent can do. 


  1. Hoffentlich verheilt die Wunde ganz schnell <3
    Carli werde schnell gesund, hörst du ^x^

    OMG XD Das letzte Bild ist ja sowas von süüßßßßßßß <3 <3 <3
    Das kannte ich ja noch gar nicht <3

  2. Oh jeee.... hoffentlich gehts deinen Tierchen bald besser.

  3. Ich drück der Süßen die Däumchen <3 Hoffen wir, dass das der einzige und letzte war... Und dass du jetzt Ruhe hast vor den fiesen Teilen...

    1. Oh jaaa~ ich hoffe auch das wir jetzt ein bisschen Ruhe haben.. =(

  4. I keep hearing that Rats make good pets! Sorry yours had to get surgery :( Following your blog! ♥

  5. Oh, tut mir leid zu hören, dass Carli auch operiert werden musste. :'( Aber ich find's gut, dass du dich trotz der Kosten immer wieder für eine Operation entscheidest.
    Das letzte Bild mit der Mütze ist so süß. <3