Friday, November 8, 2013

Vanilla's surgery

Hello my dear mauw-mauws,

today's post is not a very positive one.
Just after I finished cleaning up the aviary of my pet rats last sunday I spotted that Vanilla has a lump on the side of her belly. :-( I know that this would happen sometime to some of my rats but, well, it happens always faster than you think. Vanilla is now 1 year and 7 months old.

Vanilla, my lil "Fatty-Chan"

I called my veterinarian at monday morning and got an appointment for tuesday evening. Luckily I could get an appointment for the surgery already on thursday (yesterday).

Vanilla and the lump (early stage)

Im always pretty nervous when it comes to a surgery. Im so scared that there will be complications during the surgery.  I couldn't wait to pick Vanilla up after her surgery in the afternoon. I was asked to go into the consulting room already and there was no Vanilla. I was confused. The assistant told me that the veterinarian will bring in Vanilla now.. and it took one minute or two.. or three.. the minutes dragged by .. but then she entered the room with Vanilla. Vanilla looked okay, well, she got now a bald spot on her belly just there were the lump had been. I was delighted anyways! <3

click the photo to enlage it - attention: the wound does not look beautifully :-/

Vanilla now has to stay for the next days in a separate cage in order she can recover herself. Yesterday, right after the surgery, she seemed still a little bit confused and and bit dopy but by today she is totally herself again. The wound seem to heal up.


I am really happy that everything seems to go on well. Vanilla is such a cutie. She loves to eat (well, she simply can't hide this fact!) and she often has to swing her head from side to side to focus better because she's ruby-eyed. I know that this is actually not a thing which I may should like about her.. but she looks so cute when doing this.
I hope I can enjoy her company still for a long time. <3


  1. Zum Glück ist die Operation gut verlaufen. Gute Besserung für Vanilla!

  2. Oh weh, ich wünsche der Maus gute Besserung!
    Bei meiner ersten OP (bei Amy damals) hieß es zu mir, der Tierarzt würde sich so gegen 10:00 melden... Um halb zwei (!) habe ich dann ganz ängstlich angerufen und nachgefragt.... Amy ging es gut ;)

    Ich hoffe, dass die kleine Maus nichts Bösartiges hatte - hast du es denn in die Pathologie geben lassen?

    Wenn du zu der Kleinen gehstm gib ihr doch einen Drop von mir ;)

    1. Aww, danke das ist lieb von dir. Lt. TA handelte es sich mit einer Wahrscheinlichkeit von 99% bei Vanilla "nur" um einen Abzess. Ich hätte es auch in die Pathologie geben können um vollkommene Klarheit zu haben.. aber ich vertraue da meiner TA. Die Wunde verheilt sehr gut - übermorgen werden die Fäden gezogen =3

  3. Gute Beserung Vanilla-chan ^x^
    sahst am Son. schon wieder ganz gut aus ;3

  4. Gute Besserung! ♥
    BTW habe dich getagged! ^^