Sunday, September 29, 2013

Pokémon Days 2013 - Oberhausen

Hello my cute mauw-mauws,

Pokémon! <3
yesterday, my sister Skullina, my boyfriend Don and I went to Oberhausen to visit the Pokemon Days 2013. Nintendo hosts this Pokemon Days for years now and it's a great chance to download rare Pokémon and grab nice gimmicks. Moreover it's a great chance to stroll through the Centro, the biggest shopping-mall in North-Rhine-Westphalia. <3

For each Pokemon Day I try to wear a new Pokemon Cosplay and so I did this year:
Kibago / Axew / Milza Kigurumi <3

Isn't this Kigurumi just awesome? I love Axew so much! Skullina sewed this Kigurumi for me and it went out amazing as you can see *__*

Skullina weared her self-sewed Oshawott Kigurumi:
Mijumaru / Oshawott / Ottaro Kigurumi
Mega cute! <3

This years topic of the Pokemon Days was, of course, Pokemon X and Pokemon Y.

I already pre-orded Pokemon Y *__*

Don, as big Pokemon-Fan (NOT), just couldn't hide his pure gladness about our visit of the Pokemon Days X'D

This years Pokemon Day in Oberhausen was very well-attended, the queues of the several stations were you could receive some gimmicks were really that long that we decided to go into the Centro very early. Skullina and I both made finds, I bought this very cute hoodie jacket with bear-ears:

And well, that's it. A pretty short post I know but there isn't really more to tell. ^__^6
Thanks for reading anyways! <3


  1. Awww so cute Cosplays! >w< I wasn't there but I live in NRW. :o I never noticed this event! x_x'

  2. Aww so adorable, I love onesies ^^

    My friend bought me a Rilakkuma one from Japan ^^

    恵美より ♥


  4. Die Kigurumis sind extrem toll geworden! *Q*
    Don sieht in der Tat ein bisschen so aus als wäre er schon mal glücklicher gewesen. xD Kann gar nicht verstehen, warum. ;)
    Naja, ich freu mich jedenfalls, dass ihr (mehr oder weniger) einen schönen Tag gehabt habt. Das Centro in Oberhausen ist schließlich auch ganz cool.

  5. I miss my pokemon days. I really like the pictures you have in your website. It's really cute . I want to cosplay too but I think it's out of my budget.. Anyways I also liked your yumetenbo dedicated page. That's how I found your website...

    xoxo Brigitte