Sunday, June 2, 2013

Happy Lolita Day & Innocent World Teaparty!

Hello my cute mauw-mauws,

hope you all had yesterday a happy Lolita Day! <3
The (International) Lolita Day takes place in year twice, the "summer" lolita day is the 1st saturday in June and the "winter" lolita day is the 1st saturday in December. One of the purposes of this days is probably to educate the world and people on what Lolita-Fashion is all about.
Eventhough I didn't attended a Lolita Meet-Up yesterday I wanted to wear a bit (Casual) Lolita anyway:

it is still pretty cold and rainy in germany this year.... =(

I am still trying to implement Lolita-Fashion into my daily look/style. Honestly Im not that sure if this kind of co-ord can be even called "Casual Lolita" but I liked the outfit.

Yesterday was full of Lolita anyhow:
GothicLolitaAustria started the ticket sale for the Innocent World Teaparty at 10:00am. I supposed that there would be a big hurry on the tickets and so I ordered a ticket instantly at 10:00am. Within 3 minutes all tickets were sold out. I am so very happy that I got a ticket! <3 This ticket is in someway a birthday present to myself. The Teaparty will take place at 12th of October in Vienna - just one day before my birthday is! I am really happy that Don will join me. We plan to stay in Vienna from 11th-13th October. I am really looking forward to it! <3

I have also stated that I want to buy a VIP-Ticket. In about two weeks I will know if I can buy one because the VIP-tickets get then raffled. Cross fingers that fortune will be with me! <3
Now that I know that I can be a part of Innocent World's Teaparty there is also one more thing I really have to buy during my stay in Japan: A Innocent World JSK/Dress. Im lately in love with Innocent Worlds "Tsuchida Yutaka Rabbit and Squirrel"-series.

By the way.. from tomorrow on there are only 50 days left til we will takeoff towards Japan... <3


  1. Egal was das Wetter macht,du siehst schön aus!
    No matter what the weather does, you look beautiful!

  2. Yeah, Glückwunsch zu den Tickets! :3 Ich drück die Daumen, dass du noch ein VIP-Ticket bekommst.

  3. Toll dass du Tickets bekommen hast *__*

  4. YAY, wir sind auch bei der IW Tea Party!
    Komm ich doch noch dazu Dich kennenzulernen. :)

    Ich bin mit meiner Mädelstruppe vom 11.-13. ebenfalls in Wien. Eine Freundin tut sich die Fahrt mit dem Auto an am 10.10. gegen Mittag gehts los.

    Wisst ihr schon wo ihr übernachten werdet?

  5. Ich mag das Outfit, vor allem den unteren Teil ♥ (sprich Rock, Strumpfhose, Schuhe)
    Echt schade dass es immer noch so kalt und verregnet ist...aber diese Woche ist zumindest hier in meiner Gegend Besserung in Sicht ♥