Friday, June 28, 2013

8th Aix-La-Chapelle Lolita Meet-Up

Hello my dear mauw-mauws,

the 8th Aix-La-Chapelle Lolita Meet-Up took finally place last saturday. This time I was the Orga-Chan again and we visited the Burtscheider Kurpark which is only about 5 minutes from the main train station.


After arriving there we instantly started our picnic. <3

We had really some very delicious food:

Muffins made by ... Orga-chan XD

Brownies - made by Mochi

Rainbow Cake! Made by Deadromance

Cake made by Fraeulein_Elisabeth

As we then just enjoyed ourselves and chatted along suddenly a lil girl came off to me. She said something like "Hi, this is for you princess" and wanted to present me her little blue bunny, or better, the Kikanichen (a mascot of a german children's tv network). I requested "Really? You want to give that cute bunny to me?" I actually expected a shaky reaction of her. My experience is that when lil children want to give something to me and I request it they then revoke their statement from before and/or get undecided - BUT not her. She really wanted to give that cuddly toy to me as present. Only after I argumented a few more sentences with her she agreed in keeping her cuddly toy.

Cutest situation of the day
What a really cute and lovely girl she was.

Later on we did a lot of photos. Don and I recently bought a Nikon D3100. We really wanted to have a better photo camera for our upcoming Japan journey. I guess Don took in total about 700+ photos. He checked a lot of features out. Here on my blog I will only show a very few photos:


Mero-Chi and me

f. l. t. r.: Deadromance, Mero-Chi, Prospera, me, Kuraude, Fraeulein_Elisabeth and Revy

I guess we all had a great day. It was great seeing the girls again and talking 'bout Lolita stuff and more. Thank you for participating at the Aix-La-Chapelle Lolita Meet-Ups!! <3 It means a lot to me!

Besides, we were really lucky with the weather. This years summer is pretty rainy and cold :-/

THANK YOU for reading! <3


  1. Huhu Orga-Chan <3

    Das ist ein super Blogeintrag mit super Bildern über ein super meetup!

    Ich bin echt froh, dass ich mit dabei war. Hat richtig spaß gemacht!

    Und du sahst auch wieder super süß aus - und Kuraude ebenso :)

    ...aber wenn wir während unserer Japanreise jeden Tag so viele Fotos machen, wie hier mit eurer neuen Kamera geschossen wurden, dann verbringen wir nach der Japanreise SEHR VIEL Zeit mit Bilder sichten xD

  2. Great photos all so pretty. I would like young again. ♥

  3. Die Gruppenfotos sind super süß ;v ;

  4. The "lolita"-pic is a super-cute idea! (^ω^)
    You look so pretty, especially in the last picture - so cute (*^^*)

  5. Oh Gott, das kleine Mädchen! ;~; So süß!
    Und es sind mal wieder ein paar sehr schöne Bilder dabei. :3

  6. Guter Eintrag!

    Das treffen hat auch mir Spaß gemacht. Auch wenn ich die ganze Zeit nur fotografiert habe ;-)