Tuesday, May 21, 2013

DoKomi 2013

Hello my lovely mauw-mauws,

last saturday we visited the DoKomi Convention in Duesseldorf. ^___^
The DoKomi is an Anime-, Manga- and Japan-Convention which was hold this year for the fifth time. It is probably the biggest and fastest grown Convention held in Germany these days.
This year I decided to wear my Princess Peach Cosplay (once again). You have to know I really love my Princess Peach Cosplay - so I have to wear it at least once a year! <3
After we finally found a parking place we went straightly towards entrance. I was so excited!

As we could finally enter the building we were quite impressed about the enhanced trader facilities. <3
After having a look inside the building we went outside again and did a few photos and met familiar faces:

Kuraude wearing her finalised Pichu-Cosplay

Mochi wearing his Pikachu Kigurumi

A nice girl names Namako went by and she took some nice photos of me, you can see one of them here:
photos by Namako

A few minutes later we met up with Yoko Rosedust and her boyfriend. Yoko was wearing a Sweet Lolita Outfit and she looked so damn cute.. but out of sheer joy we really forgotten to take some pictures together I guess.. what a shame.. well, later on, we went inside again and there we met even more familiar faces:



DreamingTasuki and me

We also met Fraeulein_Elisabeth and her boyfriend, Rainyyuki, Phoenix, Ruka, Fie, Kuma and so on..

Lovely Don bought an awesome wallet and gave it as a gift to me.It is a wallet in Zelda design. <3 AWESOMENESS!! <3
Don is really such a sweetheart... <3

One thing which is quite funny is that Don and I are having an short appearance in a tv-clip about the DoKomi Convention from a local tv-station called WDR here: WDR Lokalzeit Düsseldorf - DoKomi 2013 
Pause at 2:27-2:28min X'D - We just walked by and were recorded X'D


  1. Auf der Dokomi war ich bisher noch nie, ist die echt so groß? Auf den Bildern kams mir immer recht unspektakulär vor. XD

    1. die Dokomi ist mittlerweile echt groß geworden. Sie ist ja auch zwei Tage angesetzt, aber ein Tag reicht vollkommen. Wenn du die Dokomi besuchst dann kauf am besten ein Ticket.. die Außenanlage ist halt.. Messemäßig.. aber von den Verkaufsständen hat die Dokomi einiges zu bieten.. für NRWler eigentlich ein kleines Muss! :)

  2. Das Cosplay ist echt toll <3 Steht dir ausgezeichnet ^^ Ich wäre auch so gern zur dokomi gekommen aber leider hab ichs net geschafft ^^"

    1. aww danke für den lieben Kommentar! <3 Die Dokomi war echt toll.. für NRWler ein Must-Go ^__^

  3. Du bist die wahre Prinzessin..♥

  4. Oh, ich hab dich gar nicht gesehen :( Aber cooles Cosplay ;)

  5. Ich hab dich sogar gesehen und dachte mir noch "Hey, das Gesicht kennst du!" - war mir aber recht sicher, dass ich mir das eingebildet habe XD