Saturday, April 20, 2013

Yukon Animanga Convention Spring Edition 2013

Hello my cute mauw-mauws,

today we went to the Yukon Animanga Convention in Solingen. Actually we wanted to have a picnic with friends of us but unfortunately they all canceled just one day before or at the morning of the day the Yukon take place.
Nevertheless we, or better Don, Kuraude, Mochi and I, visited the Yukon and to be honest I am quite disappointed. I knew that the Yukon would be a "smaller" Convention but the location and the offers of the Yukon just wasn't worth it's money (a day pass costed 10€). Well, Don and I entered the Yukon building (because we did the "mistake" to buy 2x day tickets X'D) and it was quite crowded and we could only hardly see the traderstalls but anyway there were no special merchandise for sale or so at all for me.

After leaving the building again we decided to go to the nearby botanic garden. The botanic garden there was pretty nice and after strolling though the garden we had a picnic there and enjoyed the weather. It is finally getting warmer here in germany! ^__^ The best things that day were probably that I could enjoy it with my besties, that I could were my Hello Kitty Red Classic Cosplay for the very first time at a convention and that we took some nice photos:

Hello Kitty Red Classic Version Cosplay


Mochi wearing his cute Pikachu Kigurumi

Kuraude weared a red Sweet Lolita Outfit

One of the few photos which were taken at the convention area

One of my favourite photos that day! <3
Around 3pm we left Solingen already and drove home again. Right now we are simply enjoying our presence and let the day slowly fade away. =)
The Yukon was actually nothing to speak off and I don't think that I will visit the Yukon in the near future again but it was great to enjoy the first sunrays this year with you three together. I really hope that Don, Mochi and Kuraude also enjoyed the day as much as I did.


  1. Cute ... looks like nice weather ...

  2. Das letzte Bild finde ich auch sehr schön, aber ich mag das erste auch gerne. Das grüne Gras bildet so einen hübschen Kontrast zu deinem Cosplay. ;D
    Und ja, kleinere Conventions sind ja meistens eher ein bisschen unspektakulärer. Aber die Hauptsache ist ja, dass ihr Spaß und einen schönen Tag hattet. :3

  3. Wirklich süße Bilder <33

    Schade dass die Con nicht so toll war. >__< Ich werd nächsten Monat auf der Hanami in LU sein, aber das wird ja sicher wieder toll, wie immer. ^^ <<< Please take a look on it, ♡THANK YOU♡

  4. Sehr cool :) Ich werde auch noch etwas zu dieser unglaublich coolen Con schreiben ^~^

    Naja, mit irgendeiner Con muss das Con-Jahr ja los gehen xD