Saturday, April 27, 2013

7th Aix-La-Chapelle Lolita Meet-Up

Hello my lovely mauw-mauws,

today the 7th Aix-La-Chapelle Lolita Meet-Up took place. This time we went to Kornelimünster, a part of town of Aachen, to have first a seat at a cafe and visiting then the Reichsabtei, a benedictine monastery and home of modern art.

Around 12pm we met up at Aachen main train station. Actually we wanted to take the train shortly after 12pm to "Aachen Rothe Erde" to take then there a bus straight to Kornelimünster and have a seat at a cafe and then having a tour through the Reichsabtei. Unfortunately the train had a delay of about almost 10 minutes (you have to know that we only had to drive for one station!) and we were late for the bus. Due to the fact that the bus only drives once per hour to Kornelimünster we decided to have a short detour into the Aachen Arkaden. There we met Deadromance who had actually to work that day so she couldnt join our meet up - but it was great meeting her anyways! =) We also visited the Claires and had a stay at a bakery and then it was already time to get the bus.

In Kornelimünster we had to wait for the Reichsabtei to be open. At saturdays the Reichsabtei got open hours from 3pm-6pm and by now it was only about 2:20pm. Because we missed the bus and arrived about an hour later in Kornelimünster than in first place planned, RainyYuki postponed our reservation for the cafe to the late afternoon. Well, now we had to bridge time a little bit and took only a few photos (it was pretty windy and cold ~~brr) and investigated the area nearby the Reichsabtei.

f. l. t. r.: Rainyyuki (front), Mero-chi, me, Kuraude, Phoenix, Lucie and PrincessTenko

Unlike the last Aix-La-Chapelle (6th Aix-La-Chapelle) we were this time a pretty small group of only seven. Rainyyuki took over the part as "Orga-Lolita" and she did a great job =D. It was also great to see Mero-Chi, Lucie and Phoenix again (I really hope I didn't bend your ears, Phoenix X'D).

Kuraude, PrincessTenko and I
But I'd most been glad to see PrincessTenko at this Meet-Up. She took the long way from her hometown to Aachen. Luckily she could travel by car. Thank you so much for joining this meet up. <33 

On time at 3pm we went into the Reichsabtei. There we had a guided tour through the museum of modern art. We also took some photos there but we shouldn't upload them in the internet so I can't show you any of the photos here.  Shortly after 4pm we went to the nearby cafe. By now I was pretty hungry and thirsty. I ordered some delicious ice and we all chatted  for about an hour before we then finally split up.

While Kuraude and I waited for our chaffeuring service, as known as Don, we met by chance Buschwindroeschen. She didn't joined the meet-up but it was really great to have a short chat with her. =D

Eventhough we had a bit bad luck with public passenger transports and the weather wasn't that great I enjoyed the Meet-Up and looking forward to the next one. =)


  1. Yay schon so schnell gepostet :D Es war total schön heute, hat mir sehr gut gefallen \(^-^)/ Ich kann es kaum abwarten bis zum nächsten Wiedersehen ^-^ vlg~<3 Lisa/ PrincessTenko d^o^b

  2. Mir hat es auch sehr gut gefallen. Es hat mich gefreut euch wieder zu sehen und auch neue Lolitas kennen zu lernen.
    Hihi, nein Usai...du hast nicht zu viel geredet...hat mich sogar sehr gefreut.

  3. Ich fand das Treffen auch so schön...geil das wir vor dem alten Auto dieses Foto machen konnten^^

    Zum Glück hat das Wetter einigermaßen mitgespielt^^

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