Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Do you know my sister Skullina?

Hello my cute mauw-mauws,

it's time for the newest "Do you know..?"-entry. This time I like to tell you a bit more about my sister. My sister's nickname is mostly Skullina. She is only 14 months younger than me and due to that fact we spend a lot of hobbies and time together in our childhood. We played videogames together, watched the same anime, had the same mentality and very sparkling imagination and ideas.

What do I like the most about her?
mhhh.. let me think, I guess the thing I like the most about her is her creativity. She is such a great (for me personally THE BEST) artist in many ways: She draws, she sews and she tattoos brilliantly. <3 I could be envious of her X'D. You can see a few of her works here: Dirulicious. In someway we are real soulmates eventhough we are looking quite different. My favourite color is rose/pink and I love wearing girly clothes, my sister in contrast prefers the color black and likes Metal/Gothic clothes and Black Metal music. She's a gracile beauty. I loved getting weird ideas with her. Nowadays we spent lesser time together, we both moved in our own flat's, my sister is even a mother by now. Her babyboy was born last July. <3 So, we are both going our own paths but we will be connected for eternity. =) My sister got a passion for bearded dragons and reptiles in general.

Any bad habits?
My sister is way too self-critical. That is really a pity, because she sometimes just can't see how awesome she is. To encourage her is quite difficult because she is a stubborn. Besides that, she really is not a good listener. She interrupts us often while we're speaking and talks then about something totally off topic. But she knows about that and now things are looking up. ^__^

5 words which are describing her the most:
- creative
- funny
- kind
- gothic
- jittery

my sister and I during Carneval 2012, she sewed the Oshawott Kigurumi by her own

Thank you for sharing so much time of your childhood with me. You're always an inspiration for me.

Where you can find Skullina:
deviantART: Dirulicious
Homepage about bearded-dragons: Dragoonia


  1. komisch, auf dem bild sehen wir uns ähnlicher als sonst =o Karneval war cool ^^ hat spaß gemacht, aber danach war der ganze Kigu voller matsch xD Njaa..danke für den Eintrag, weiß gar net was ich sagen soll^^ find ich voll cool von dir und fühl mich gebauch-pinselt heh heh..lieb dich <3

  2. "Do you know my sister Skullina?"

    Yes :P

  3. OMG *,*
    Wie süß <3 <3 <3
    Wiedermal eine wunderschöne Vorstellung ^x^~
    beim lesen merkt man richtig wie sehr du deine Schwester liebst -^.^-