Saturday, February 2, 2013

World Doom Baby Rats Are Spreading Their Wings

Hello my dear mauw-mauws,

now the time has come: My eight World Doom Baby Rats are spreading their wings and they are ready to explore the whole world. But this means also, that it is time to say good bye. =(

four of the eight babies at age of almost 6 weeks with their mum Joy

3 weeks old

4 1/2 weeks old

bubbly 5 weeks old baby rats in action

Amazing, how fast they evolved. They are bustling around, chasing and caring each other. Lovely little rats <3

Well, the good thing is, that I do not have to say goodbye to all of them: I decided that two baby girls will stay at my place. I will keep a black-hooded one named Mari(ko) and a black-berkshire named Evora. And of course, their mum, Joy, will stay also at my place.

Mariko is a bit more reserved but enjoys to be cuddled.

Evora is an explorer and got a pretty bubbly personality.

Aren't the two MEGA cute?! <333

But what's with the other six babies?

In my last entry bout the Doomsday Baby Rats I wrote that I thought that three of them are might be male and five of them are female. In the meantime it turned to be out that only ONE of the babies is a boy and that all others are girls. LUCKILY I found for each of the babies a good place to stay:

- the (baby) boy stays now at my mum's place. She is holding other male pet rats, too also two pretty young male rats. The integration to the whole pet rat group has to be done now gradually and slowly but Im confident that this will work fine. My mum named him Francis. My mum recently also started a little homepage about pet rats: my-sweet-rats (sorry, only in german)

- three female baby rats having a rehome at Kuraude's place. For Kuraude, it is the first time having pet rats, but she is very familar in dealing with them because she knows and loves my pet rats. Kuraude adopted a black berkshire, a husky and a black hooded one. They are named Hyuna, Miyuki and Lola. I guess, Kuraude will write on her own blog in the near future in a more detailed way about the three. As soon as she released this entry I will link it here. ;-)

- and the last two female baby rats are having also a new home. An ex-colleague and friend of mine takes now care for them. He got pet rats since I have known him. He named them Ivy and Miu. He runs an own blog in which he will surely show the two also in the near future:

I am really happy that each of my baby rats found a good place. I hope they all will have a healthy and long life. <3


  1. Schön, dass du die kleinen unterbringen konntest. :D

  2. Wie süß, ich bin ganz verliebt <3
    Glückwunsch das du sie gut unterbtingen konntest! Ich wünsche den Kleinen auch ein langes, gesundes & erfülltes Leben außerdem das die neuen Besitzer viel Freude mit ihnen haben.

    lg Zombie

  3. Ach wie niedlich! Ich hatte auch mal eine süße kleine Ratte~ leider musste ich sie abgeben. T___T Tierhaarallergien sind scheiße! >___<''

  4. Thank you for this two wonderful girls. They're so cute and a bit cheeky, I mean if they are on my couch they steal my hole stuff, even my remote. xD

  5. War schön, die kleinen auf ihrem Werdegang zu begleiten ;)

  6. Da kann ich Mochi nur zustimmen <3

    Hyuna, Miyuki und Lola sind so schöne Tiere....awww ich liebe sie udn bin dir so dankbar das ich sie haben durfte ^x^
    Sie freuen sich immer wenn du zu besuch kommst ^,^~

    Ich versuche mich mit dem Eintrag zu beeilen, aber du kennst mich ja XD, wie langsam ich bin ;P