Thursday, February 7, 2013

Why I Am A Vegetarian

Hello my dear mauw-mauws,

I thought it would be time that I write something about my reasons for being vegetarian.
But, before I start, I would like to say that I am not a 100% straight or all-knowing vegetarian and I don't want anyone now to become vegetarian X'D. I just want to write about my reasons for being vegetarian and everything I write is based on my own individual experiences.

I started being vegetarian in 2007 for the first time. After about 1 1/2 years I started eating fish and fowl again. Six months (spring 2009) later I restarted being a vegetarian again.

Why I became vegetarian?

Vegetarians don't eat their friends (animals). This is a fact - not a provocation ^__^

Because I love animals. Many people get vegetarian because it would be better for their healthiness but that was never a reason for me. I love animals from my earliest childhood. We always had pets and so it was clear that I and my sister were very kind to animals. With advancing age I started to question my eating habit. Due to the fact, that I didn't ate any greenstuff and fruits in my girlhood years at all and also disliked MAAANY things to eat (f. e. cream cheese,  nutella, marmelade, rice but also many meat products like steak, salami, roast meat, ham, seafood in general, curried sausage, gyros - to be honest, I do not know what I ate all?!) I was afraid to stop eating meat well then because.. there would be nothing left which I could ate because (almost) everything else was soo icky back then for me. Yes, back then I was may pretty selfish, but hey, I was still a child/young teenager. X'D

Whats about f. e. gelatin and rennet?
I am avoiding animal gelatin and animal rennet as good as possible. I do not eat gummy bears with gelatin (almost everything of Haribo). Sadly, ingredients often not that well declared on products (or when Im ordering f. e. a pizza in a restaurant) and due to that it may happen that I eat animal rennet sometimes =(

Why I am not vegan?
I have great respect for people living completely vegan, because it is very hard to live that way. I thought more than once about becoming vegan, but it won't work. I am trying to reduce my milk and egg consumption but I can't give up drinking milk or eating eggs or other "animal products" completely. I (had to) do lots of travelling and even being "only" vegetarian can be quite difficult sometimes. Moreover, I have totally a sweet tooth and loving desserts, ice creams, cake and cookies.. which are usually of course not 100% Vegan..  so Im also a little sinner ;)

What do I think about meat eater?
I am tolerant. Just because I am vegetarian do not mean that I dislike people who are not vegetarian. And only being a vegetarian also don't mean that I am a better person in general (even if many people think so!). Each person got their own opinions and I am not that starry-eyed idealist type. Each one is responsible for their selves and due to the fact that I want that my eating habit is accepted, I accept other eating habits other then vegetarian, too. Some people think that I, as a vegetarian, can only be with a vegetarian in a relationship (which is really funny, everytime I hear this question I must almost laugh). Well, my boyfriend isn't vegetarian and it is his attitude. He is respecting and understanding my eating habits and so I am respecting his eating habits. Not eating meat is important to me, but it is not the centre of my whole life.

What thinks my non-vegetarian-milieu about me being vegetarian?
Most people accept and understand it for which Im pretty thankful. ^___^
Eventhough some people seemed to be a bit surprised when I am  telling them my reasons for it. Most people supposing that I am vegetarian because I think it is a healthier way to live - but I am vegetarian because I do not want to eat the beloved animals. Sadly I had to note, that some people get angry/unpleasant when Im telling that I am vegetarian because of my own ethical reasons and not because I had to because of my state of health or a religion told me so. It's a pity, that they do not want to understand, or better, accept my OWN ethical reasons. =(
Some people think they have to give silly comments (which can be sometimes quite funny) and a very few (only 2 or 3 colleagues) seem to avoid or nagging at me when it comes to a dinner. I am really not that type of vegetarian who is bullying the meat eaters - my zodiac sign is Libra and so I am loving harmony. I just want to eat my meal without stupid comments and so I don't do unto others what I would not have done unto myself.
One argument which really annoys me is "Cows and Pig are farmed so we can eat them but look ewww~ the asians are eating cats" or the same argument with "Eeew~ the australian eating kangaroos". For me, it does not make any difference. I feel sorry for all of them..

Thank you for reading and understanding my point of view. ^___^

All in all, it is awesome having so many individual characters, habits and people, don't you think? I love to meet new people and their characters and attitudes. You always get to know to new attitudes. One thing we really need in this world is respect and understanding the thinking and opinions of other people.


  1. Ich war ja auch mal Veggie, sogar mal ne Zeitlang Vegan^^ Esst solange es noch Essen gibt, denk ich mir immer..wenn Krieg ist merken alle das man Geldscheine nicht essen kann...zumindest schmecken die net XD

  2. Also ich muss dir in zwei Punkten bezüglich des Vegan-Dings so halb widersprechen ;) Die erste Zeit ist es wirklich schwer, anstrengend und verwirrend. Aber mit der Zeit wird es immer leichter und auch beim Einkaufen kommt man deutlich schneller voran.
    Mit den Desserts - das verstehe ich <3 Wie oft wünsche ich mir in Restaurants o.Ä. ein veganes Eis etc.
    Aber im Großen und Ganzen ist die Auswahl an veganen Süßigkeiten und Dessert (auch zum Selbst-machen) absolut gigantisch! das hätte ich nie erwartet :D

    Das mit dem Reisen stimmt leider. Oftmals ist man dann auf Ausweichmöglichkeiten angewiesen oder auch im Job, wenn jemand zum GEburtstag Torte o.Ä. mitbringt, "muss" man verneinen.

    Was ich unbedingt noch sagen muss: Ich will nicht bekehren, da bin ich wohl wie du. Ich finde es gut, dass es so viele verschiedene Einstellungen und Meinungen gibt und finde auch, diese Vielfalt sollte gewahrt werden. Ich bin lediglich in einer Hinsicht belehrend, nämlich, dass ich finde, dass die Menschheit insgesamt lernen sollte, wieder bewusster mit jeder Art von Nahrungsmittel umzugehen. Egal, ob man omnivor, vegetarisch, vegan, rohköstlich oder sonstwie lebt/isst.

    Nicht zu vergessen: Leben und leben lassen :D Ich hab kein Problem mit Fleischessern, solange ich mir auch keine blöden Kommentare anhören muss. ;)

  3. Hello. I nominated you for a blog award. Details are on my blog.

    I think it would be very hard for me to be a vegetarian or vegan :/

  4. Geiler Eintrag....hatte auch überlegt einen, über mein Vegitarier dasein, zu machen^^
    Mal gucken wann ich den schreiben ^^"

    OMG, denken das einige Leute wirklich, dass man als Vegitarier auch nur andere Vegitarier als Freunde hat? Lol, das ist ja total süß naiv x3


  5. You're nominated for the "Liebster Award" \(^0^)/ ~ Read my blog entry and follow the instruction ;3

  6. Ist ein harter Weg zum veganen Leben...und ein komplette umstellung...vegetarisch wird man noch belächelt...vegan erntet man nur Kopfschütteln....aber egal,jeder sollte seinen Weg gehen...wie schon gelesen...Leben und leben lassen, als Veganer ein Muss!
    Is a hard way to live vegan ...and a complete change a vegetarian you will be ridiculed a vegans are harvest only shake their heads ....but regardless, everyone should follow his I read ... ...Live and let live, for a vegan is this a must!