Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Pokémon Days 2012 Oberhausen

Hello my lovely mauw-mauws,

together with Kuraude, Don and Gia I'd visited the final stage of the Pokemon Days 2012 in Oberhausen. Kuraude, Don and I visited the Pokemon Days for the fourth time now, for Gia it was the first time.

I was quite under time pressure because I wanted to finish my newest Cosplay, Pikachu (Gijinka), in time for the Pokemon Days, and of course, I started creating the Cosplay again at last minute! Fortunately, I "only" had to create Pikachus tail, his ears and a fitting headband. This may sounds like easy and fast going, but the tail was tricky and costed quite a lot of time. But in the end, I finished everything in time and was then full of anticipation for the upcoming Pokemon Day (which would start in 14 hours XD).

At 12:30h we finally arrived in Oberhausen at the CentrO. Somehow we decided to chose the parking block which was the furthest away from the location of the Pokemon Day, so we had to cut through the whole CentrO-Mall (you have to know the CentrO is a very huge shopping-mall, I guess its probably the biggest in whole North-Rhine-Westfalia (NRW) and NRW is the most populated federal state of germany). So, we went through the CentrO - in Cosplay! Well, only Kuraude (as Pichu) and I (as Pikachu) weared Cosplays, but I guess you can imagine that we were a great attraction - but we felt very comfortable and (almost) everybody seemed to recognize our Cosplays! ^__^ "Hey, look! There's a Pikachu!" "Oh, a Pikachu!" "Is that Pikachu?!" "Ahh, look there are Pokemons!"

After 15 Minutes we get thorugh the mall to the other end were the Pokemon Day took place.

Like vultures we storm the area next to the truck were Nintendo shared two special Pokemons: A Keldeo (Lv. 15) and a special Pikachu (Lv. 100, holding the item "light ball" (Kugelblitz)). Due to the fact, Kuraude and I had already downloaded the Keldeo at this years Connichi, we could only download the Pikachu.

Next up the big Pikachu, Snivy, Tepig and Oshawott-mascots catched everybodys attention. None too easy to get great photos of them but Kuraude and I tried hard:

Pikachu and Oshawott - The mascots were SOOOO cute and cuddly!

Tepig and Oshawott even danced together, but I do not have a good picture of them while dancing U__U

With Snivy we even finally get the chance to do a photo together:


Later on, Don and Gia finally came back from their little "Shopping-Tour" and Kuraude and I met in the meantime two nice girls and chatted a lot with them. I really hope we will see the both again at a Convention! ^__^ After we had lunch we decided to take photos:

Come back inside the Pokeball, Pikachu!

And then it was tiem for a Pokemon Battle:
Gia Vs. Don

Gia: "Pikachu, now Iron Tail!"


- Pichu is defeated -

Don is pretty angry with his Pichu XD

It was a lot of fun to pose for this photos and anyway we all had a great day I guess. Shortly before we arrived our car again, we simply had to do a few photos at the pond right in front of the CentrO main entrance:

Back home again, we watched some Pokemon Episodes and the Pokemon Movie 14 (Black - Victini and Reshiram) and let the day slowly fade away...