Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Frankfurter Buchmesse Book Fair 2012 and my birthday party

Hello my lovely lovely mauw-mauws,

by my standards I am already quite late with a new post - sorry - but here it is (finally).

Last saturday was my 23rd birthday and I invited my boyfriend Don and my besties Kuraude and Mochi to visit the Frankfurter Buchmesse / Frankfurt Book Fair. We visited the Book Fair for the very first time and we really enjoyed the day and had a lot of fun! ^__^ Because it was my birthday, I asked my friends in advance if we could Cosplay our "Super Mario"-Cosplay Group again. I am glad that they all agreed.

YAY! Super Mario for the world!

We attract a lot of attention at the Book Fair with our Cosplay's - I expected that people would come and ask us for a few photos but, ooh my~, sometimes it was simply impossible to walk 2 or 3 metres without being asked for photos. U__U This was really wicked.

One of our maingoals was to visit the Nintendo fair stands. They presented their upcoming "WiiU" and upcoming games, f. e. New Super Mario Bros. U or NintendoLand, but also several new Nintendo3DS games. I guess, you can surely imagine that the Nintendo-Staff was delighted seeing us in our Super Mario Cosplay's! =D

I / we played the following Games:

Nintendo Land (WiiU): We only played "Luigis Ghost Mansion". One gamer has the control of the Ghost by using the WiiU GamePad and the other of up to four using the Wii Mote and controlling the Mii characters. Your aim when playing as the ghost is to catch all the Mii's from behind and make them faint, whereas the Mii's have to find and defeat the ghost with their flaslights. The tricky thing is, that the Mii's can't see the ghost on the screen and can only "feel" the presence of the ghost thought the rumble of their Wii Motes. The controler of the ghost plays vis the display of the WiiU GamePad. The Game was pretty funny and I guess it would be a nice here and there game which you can play and enjoy together with your friends.
My résumé: MUST BUY!

New Super Mario Bros. U (WiiU): Did I ever mentioned that I totally loved the New Super Mario Bros. -Game for the Wii? We (Mochi, Don, Kuraude and I) played this game for hours and like in Luigis Ghost Mansion, you can play this game with up to five players. Up to four player using the Wii Mote and controlling eather Mario, Luigis or one of the two Toads and one extra player can assist the characters by creating for example platforms to help the other players to reach tricky or hidden stages. For that the extra player has to use the WiiU GamePad.My impression is that this "new" New Super Mario Bros. U will be a bit more trickier but I can't wait to accept this challenge *TAR TAR*! ^O^
My résumé: MUST BUY!

Luigi, Princess Peach, Toadette and Mario checking out the New Super Mario Bros. U

Pokemon Tasten Abenteuer / Typing Adventure (3DS): Pokemon! I felt in love with this game as I saw the trailer for the first time. The japanese version of the game is even more interesting because there you have to read the Hiragana characters and then type in the romaji letters. A pity that this difficulty is cancelled in the western versions - it would be such a good practice for me ^__^ . Well, nevertheless, the game can be tricky enough because you have to type the upshowing letters as fast as you can to get higher scores. For me, as fully trained businesswoman for management and office communication it is, of course, pretty easy to hit high scores... ^___^ Maybe I should write a few word to the keyboard, too: Nintendo sells the game with an own white keyboard. The keyboard is smaller than a usual keyboard and I guess that especially men could have some problems with the keyboard, because the keys are not very big or wide.
My résumé: MUST BUY!

I was so happy that I again got the chance to play WiiU again. <3 If you want to read about other already checked out WiiU Games, please have a look at my Gamescom 2012 - Post. =)

As I menioned above, we get asked almost every few metres for photos. I guess we will be also in a local newspaper next saturday. Well, but at one time or another I noticed that I or WE didn't even took any photos of us really by now - and it was already about 4:00pm. So, we decided to went back to one of the entry halls to take a few photos of us by our own:

Job is done - Mario and Luigi

"yay, the Princess is finally not in the palace, so I can do whatever I want"

By the way, I updated my entry about my Princess Peach Cosplay, you can have a look at it here.

We also appear in a video full of great Cosplay(er)s being at the Frankfurter Buchmesse. You can see the video here: Frankfurter Buchmesse 2012 - Cosplay Video
We make an appearance starting from 2:54 - 3:07 min <3

We really had a great day at the Book Fair and I am really lucky that I could spent my birthday there. <3
I t was great to see a few of your Con-friends again. It was probably the last time in 2012, the Convention period is now over.

Towards 6:45pm we started driving back home. During the ride I played a bit Pokemon Weiß/White 2 Don presented me at my birthdays morning. I really love the game. Due to the fact that Frankfurt is not that near to Aachen, we finally went back home around 9:30pm. As I then entered our kitchen, I get surprised:

My mum brought her presents for me already and decorated the kitchen.
I didn't expected that because I invited her for sundays. ^__^ Im pretty nosy so I unpacked all her presents that evening, she gave me a fluffy Hello Kitty winter beanie, a Hello Kitty pyjama, two Hello Kitty undershirts, a Hello Kitty Plushie, an Hello Kitty advent calendar and lots of sweets.

Moreover, Mochi and Kuraude gave me their presents that evening, too. You can see (almost) all presents on the last photo below.

On sundays, I invited my family, Kuraude, Mochi and Gia for celebrating my yesterdays birthdays! ^__^

It was a relaxed afternoon / evening and it was great to have everyone in one spot. <3

Tar tar tar and here are (almost) all my birthday presents:

Flowers: present of my dad
1st Hello Kitty Plushie with Lollipop: mum
2nd Hello Kitty Plushie with Lollipop: Gia
X-Box360 - Final Fantasy XIII-2: Sis and her boyfriend
Nintendo DS - Pokemon Weß/White 2: Don
Nintendo 3DS - Theatrhythm: Mochi
Nintendo 3DS - Resident Evil The Mercenaries 3D: Kuraude and Mochi
DVD - Im Bett mit Hinako / Sleeping with Hinako: Kuraude
Hello Kitty Undershirts: mum
Hello Kitty Bath Sponge: my office colleague
Hello Kitty Pyjama: mum
Hello Kitty Bunny Plushie: Mochi

I also got a lot of sweets, pretty birthday cards and cute Hello Kitty figures and the Hello Kitty Beanie of my mum is also missing on the photo! ^__^6
Besides, there is one more gift missing on the photo which I will receive from Don in the next few weeks. Im pretty excited what this could be?!


  1. Jaiii XD
    Kann mich Josie nur anschließen...Ich liebe das erste Bild <3
    Und auch den Satz unter dem Bild von Toadette x3

    Es war wirklich eine tolle erste FBM und ein geiler Geburtstag noch dazu*.*
    Vielen Dank das ich dabei sein durfte, Schatzi ^x^

  2. Hi Fantastic Outfits! Where did you get your toadette outfot from? Ive been searching the internet but cannot find one anywhere! Help :) x