Monday, October 8, 2012

4th Aix-La-Chapelle Lolita Meet-Up

Hello my lovely mauw-mauws,

The Aix-la-Chapelle Lolita Meet-Up series seems to have good prospects. Last saturday already the 4th Aix-La-Chapelle Lolita Meet-Up took place. This time the main responsibility was mine again and we've met up in Aachen to visit the pretty new, but very popular, Cuperella Cafe admidst in Aachen's historic town.

Once again, Aachen lived up it's reputation, so it was raining. But at least I should be thankful that it wasn't that rainy this time like it was during our previous Aix-la-Chapelle Meet-Up we had in Jülich.

Due to the fact, that the weather was so NOT great for taking pictures we've spent the most of the time at the Cuperella but afterwards we still got the chance to take a group picture:

But, let's start all over again:

At 10:00am I picked Yoko Rosedust up from the train station. Yoko once again take on the quite far journey only to be part of the Meet-Up. This fact makes me incredibly proud and in some kind it is very touching. p__q // Thank you so much!!! Back home, we chatted a lot and later on we dressed up for the Meet-Up.

I really wanted to take a photo of myself BEFORE I would come into rain. I'd put so much effort into my hairstyle that morning and in the end.. it was a mess. My Outfit for the Meet-Up was Angelic Pretty's "A La Carte Tea Time Going Out"-JSK - it just fitted so perfectly with the Cuperella <3

Yoko wore her new beautiful JSK of "Baby The Stars Shine Bright"

My lovely Don drove us to our meeting point, the main train station and there we'd met already up with three people. We waited and we were more and more Lolitas! As we left the main train station towards the Cuperella we were 12 Lolita's! This was just.. amazing! We were almost twice as much than during our last Meet-Up!!! <3
After a short bus trip and a pretty short stroll we finally arrived at the Cuperella. We were all delighted of the cute facility and about the really kind Cuperella-staff! ^___^

Chibi and her boyfriend, Kuraude and Rainyyuki

Deadromance, Adriana and Fraeulein_Elisabeth


yummey Cupcakes <3

Almost too good to eat them..

Yoko Rosedust

Buschwindroeschen, me and Mero-Chi

I really enjoyed my stay at the Cuperella and its pretty sure I will stay there again. Their cupcakes are really delicious and you can even order Kakao/Milk without lactose (YAY for Usai)! I guess, we spent about 3 hours in the Cuperella, shortly before we decided to leave for taking a few photos, two more Lolitas joined us. ^___^
But then, last but not least we finally got the chance to take photos, fortunately it wasn't that raining anymore in the evening:

 In the meantime, some Lolitas already left the Meet-Up but we still did quite a lot of photos that evening (at this point, I want to say a huge THANK YOU to my amazing boyfriend Don who chauffered Yoko Rosedust and Fraeulein_Elisabeth in time back to the main train station!!!). I could upload and show you here really quite a lot of photos but I do not want to overload that blogentry with that many photos, so here comes just only three more photos:

Me and Kuraude
lovely red lady Kuraude

I really enjoyed the Meet-Up even if my state of health was not that perfect during the Meet-Up. It was awesome that so many Lolitas visited this Meet-Up and I hope that they all enjoyed the day more or less. I would be very happy to see each of them again during future Aix-La-Chapelle Lolita Meet-Ups! ^______^

All I have left to say for now is...


  1. Wow...Wunderschön....ihr seid süss!

  2. Scheint ja ein echter Erfolg gewesen zu sein :D
    ...Manchmal bin ich erstaunt, dass wir hier in Aachen so viele Lolitas haben xD