Monday, September 17, 2012

OMG she looks like Peachy!

Hello my cute mauw-mauws,

A few entries ago I wrote about my new "home" for my pet/fancy rats. My pets are giving me so much pleasure, especially my pet rats, that I really wanted to give them something back. It may sounds a bit strange but in difficult situations they give me strength and stabilized me. I really do love them and I even felt in deeper love lately again with pet rats / fancy rats. I decided to adopt in the near future one more rat in need.

At the end of August (around the 24th) now I had the positive answer to adopt a "Notfellchen" like we in germany call "emergency pet rats", pet/fancy rats which are in need to find a new home. <3 The whole "emergency" kindle were Dumbo pet rats, that was all I had knewn about them. Then a week later, they cancelled the promise, because the little rat was already reserved by someone else and now, last Saturday (while I was visiting the Connichi in Kassel) they called my mum again (she wanted to adopt a pet rat, too) because the former future interested party declined his interest in adopting in total three or four rats. Now, everything should be fast: We could come and take them away with us on Monday. My mum called me during the Connichi - I wasn't really prepared for such a story. Peachy just died a few days ago and now.. I should adopt a new one! I do not wanted that it would look like I am trying to replace Peachy. No pet rat can replace her and no pet rat should do that. I quarreled with it. Am I ready to open my heart to a new (poor emergency) pet rat or am I still to heavy on heart for her? I looked inward myself - I shouldn't be selfish, so I agreed to adopt this new pet rat in the short term.

On mondays we collected the two. The current owner told us, while we went to the pet carrier, that one rat is unicolored brown-blue and the other one is a Husky pet rat. I just thought "Oh my, please do not let the female one (so, mine) be the husky-colored like Peachy was". As he opened the carrier I had to notice that my new home-mate is the husky-colored one. My mum was immediately saying "That is real KARMA!". I tried to hide my emotions and as we went outside with our new home-mates again.. well.. I had to cry. It was simply too much for me at this point.

I named my new little mate "Luma", like the cute stars in "Super Mario Galaxy". She is born on the 10th of August 2012. Luma is already tame, she has a cheerful and nosy temper. I can't help it - you just have to love her. Don really likes her very much, too, I guess, Luma is his favourite, now, even if he wouldn't ever admit it. ;) 

Towards my other pet rats, Carli and Vanilla, she is pretty perky. Sadly, for the very first time in my life as "pet rat holder", the integration of Luma with Carli and Vanilla is til yet not that successful. Carli and Luma come along together very well, but Vanilla is sometimes hissing Luma and got a greater territorial behaviour. :-/ So I had to split the new group for the time being. I ordered new decoration for their aviary last Thursday, to support the neutralization of the aviary and so to reduce Vanillas territorial behaviour. I do not have that experiences with integration, in the past my pet rats accepted new pet rats immediately. Until lately, I didn't ever even heard one of my pet rats hissing. Ö__Ö I have to patient now and give especially Vanilla enough time to accept Luma. But Im confident because they're making by now everyday a tangible progress in causa integration. ^O^

Tame Luma ^__^ <3

Luma sleeping on my arm - photo was taken at the very first day of Luma's "moving" 

Carli, Vanilla and Luma


  1. Na die verstehen sich doch gut - zumindest sieht es auf den Bildern so aus ;)

    Wenn ich da an meine sieben hier denke... GEfiepe, gefauche und wildes Borsteln... Mir graut jetzt schon vor dem nächsten Versuch...

  2. This is Karma....Luma is the resurrection of Peachy ♥

  3. Sleeping Luma looks very adorable! I hope your rats will get along well soon <3