Monday, August 20, 2012

Gamescom 2012

Hello my lovely mauw-mauws,

last saturday Gia and I went to the Gamescom in Cologne.  >^___^>

I've visited the Gamescom in 2009 the last time and was pretty excited about the Gamescom now would like. Back then, I've visited the Gamescom in my Princess Peach Cosplay and it wasn't that great: I didn't had really the chance to play any new games but instead I had to pose for a lot of photos and anyway it wasn't that comfortable to go in Cosplay to europe's biggest gaming fair-trade. The Gamescom 2009 were pretty crowded and it was difficult to went from Hall "A" to "B" - even if you were not wearing a cosplay like I did that day.

Well, now in 2012 I've learned from my mistakes and so I decided to visit the Gamescom this time in "civil" so I can really enjoy playing new games:

We start out at 8:15h in the morning, we traveled by car to the Gamescom, at this point I would like to say "thank you" to our uncomplicated driver. Gia's and my first and main-destination also was of course Hall 7  -> the home of the WiiU during the Gamescom. Nintendo didn't take part of this years Gamescom, but luckily Ubisoft brought the WiiU for some of their new WiiU-Games with! ^___^

(Attention: many photos are waiting for you!!! ^O^)

Our "Mecca"

Isn't the Gamepad just amazing? It's pretty light and fits the hand well. We were so happy, lucky and maybe a bit overwhelmed as we hold the WiiU Gamepad for the first time in our hands (ja, you are right - we're crazy X'D)

Gia and I spent most of the time at the Ubisoft fair stand, which was better known as the "WiiU Lounge" and played WiiU. First of all, we played Sports Connection:

Durign the fair trade only the baseball mode was playable, the game offers f. e. also a soccer mode, race kart mode or american football mode.

Seems like the friendly Ubisoft-Staff had caught one of my rarely victorys in a photo ^O^6 - Baseball is just not my forte!

After that we visited the "neighbour" stand: Your Shape

"Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2013" is a fitness game that should help you setting and achieving your fitness goals. Im not a big fan of such fitness games, but Your Shape really convinced me and Gia. We played it several times at the Gamescom - we were their regular guests.  We had the chance to play the Kickboxing-mode, the Dance-mode and the Yoga-mode:

We really had a lot of fun

dance dance
Yoga Mode:

Gia and another Ubisoft staff member. We really enjoyed chatting with her along

We played Rabbids Land, too, which was unfortunately a disappointment:

The gaming design looked pretty good gut the control with the WiiU GamePad didn't worked well and was pretty woolly. What a pity. =(

But we do not lose heart and went to the next WiiU Game Rayman Legends.
Here we had to wait longest, but gamergirls are of course prepared for such situations:

I hate waiting X'D
StreetPass Collector! 

And then, finally, it was our turn for Rayman Legends:

We played a mode for 3-Players and each player had to use another controller:
I was using the WiiU Classic Controller, Gia was using the WiiU Gamepad and the 3rd player was using the Wii-Mote and Nunchuk.

The only WiiU Game I did not played was ZombiU. The waiting line with oridnary 3 hours was too long for me! I hate waiting lines! XD

On the one hand it is a shame that I didn't played but on the other hand I guess that my anticipation will be even greater! ^___^

After playing Rayman Legends we went outside to fill our tummys XD It was very hot outside, I was happy as we went inside again - the halls were all greatly air-conditioned. ^__^6

Due to the fact that we had already played almost all WiiU Games we decided to explore the other halls. At the SimCity fair stand we took a funny photo of us where it should look like we were falling to the ground:

Later on, R2D2 chased me, I didn't knew what he want from me, but a guy told me that he wanted my telephone number ='D
cute guy

My résumé:
I really enjoyed the whole Gamescom, it was more comfortable this time and I really had the chance to play new games and get "gimmicks" (bags, a t-shirt and zombie eyes) also. It was also great to share this day with Gia - it is long ago we went along together to such events. Im pretty sure that I will visit the next years Gamescom again, they already fixed the date for next year - well, given that I will be then back in germany. ^__^6
and last but not least my favourite photo of Gia and me this day:

Thank you for the awesome day! =D


  1. wiedermal ein geiler Eintrag ;3

    schön das Gia und du so einen tollen Tag verbingen konnte ^x^

    PS: Ich lieb eure T-Shirt *o*

  2. Was ein langer und cooler Eintrag :)
    okay...da sind ja auch viele Bilder bei...die sind aber auch gut! :D

    Finds schön, dass ihr bei all den Zombies lebend da raus gekommen seid xD

    Warum hast du den R2D2 nicht mit nach Hause genommen? :(

  3. scheint ein cooler Tag gewesen zu sein :)

  4. Hey,da habt ihr aber viel Spaß gehabt :)