Monday, August 27, 2012

3rd Aix-La-Chapelle Lolita Meet-Up

Hello my cute mauw-mauws,

yesterday we've met up in Juelich for the 3rd Aix-La-Chapelle Lolita Meet-Up. This time Rainyyuki undertake the organisation of the Meet-Up - thank you for this!

Meeting Point was the Juelicher train station at 14:30h. This time we were seven Lolitas - so we beat the record of our former Aix-La-Chapelle Meet-Ups. Furthermore, my boyfriend Don joined us for the whole Meet-Up and took this group picture of us Lolitas later on: ^___^

As you can might see, the weather was really shitty rainy.  Actually we wanted to visit the Brueckenkopfpark in Juelich but the weather had upset our plans... so we decided to visit a bakery/cafe in Juelichs city first.

The staff of the bakery was pretty nice. In the rest of the bakery sat almost only "older people" but they did not make a big attraction out of us - of course we were really flashy but we had our "privacy".

After we ate cake and drank cacao we decided to give the weather another try and went to the nearby park.

A few seconds after I had took this photo it began to rain again - like it was raining pitchforks! -__-
Lastly, we found some protection in an old Roman building.

fighting against the rain

As the rain stopped for a little time we explored the location and took finally a few photos, f. e. the group photo above and single photos of everyone:








and me: ^___^

Even though, the weather was bad I guess we had also fun. It was really a shame - I can not remember a Meet-Up where we had such a crappy weather.. I am convinced that, if the weather had been better that day, we had some really awesome photos taken.

I really hope that we will have better weather during the next meet-up. We already decided to visit the new Cupcake Cafe "Cuperella" in Aachen-City.

Well, nevertheless, thank you for the nice Meet-Up and I am really looking forward to the next one!! <3


After the Meet-Up, Kuraude went home with Don and me, because Kuraude and I wanted to watch the premier of "the Legend of Korra", the sequel of "Avatar: The last airbender" together. Thereafter we watched some old Pokemon episodes while Don was cooking delicious dinner for us ^____^ ~ yam yam



  1. I´m so sorry for the Girls about the weather. They all looked really great and must have worked for hours on their outfits. Btw.: I like pink the most worn by my princess :-)
    But the weather got really worse as we got to the final bit of the Autobahn, on our way back home. I felt the car dancing around on the water. It was actually one of the trickiest drives of my life.

  2. Hey geniale Bilder :) Schade, dass das Wetter so blöd war.. nächstes Mal bin ich dabei ^^

    Don gefällt mir am besten :D Du fällst echt auf unter den ganzen Mädels ^^

  3. Nice,nice,nice....these photos make the weather better :) btw. who was the handsome young man ;)