Thursday, August 16, 2012

2. Royal Pony "Ponylicious" Lolita Meet-Up

Hello my lovely mauw-mauws,

last saturday I went to the 2nd Royal Pony Lolita Meet-Up in Duesseldorf. I wanted to visit the 1st Royal Pony Meet-Up, too, but I couldn't so I simply had to visit now the 2nd Meet-Up. About 50 (!!!) Lolitas registered for visiting this Meet-Up in advance, I guess in the end we were "only" 33 Lolitas - which is still a large crowd for Lolita Meet-Ups. ^__^

(ATTENTION: This posts contains a lot of photos ^__^ ;D)

First of all, we all Meet-Up at the Main Train Station in Duesseldorf around 12:00h and then we went to the Suedpark. There we started to picnic, luckily, because I was pretty hungry - travelling by train always makes me hungry.

After that, the two organizer Lolitas sent us on a "treasure hunt" through the Suedpark and we also had to answer specific Lolita Questions.
I was on Treasure Hunt together with Fraeulein_Elisabeth,  PrincessTenko, Susaricah, Prospera, DreamingTasuki and Rena-Rena.

yeah, we found the first hint ^O^

where now?!
on treasure hunt
where is the next hint?!
And a further hint

The treasure hunt maked fun and was tricky as well, they took effort in it and so I really have to say well done to the two.

Thereupon we had time for taking photos in the beautiful Suedpark. First I went with Prospera along and we're taking several pictures of us.

Let's go to Wonderland XD

nyan nya nya naaahaarn~ 

Later on Fraeulein-Elisabeth, Rena-Rena and PrincessTenko joined us again and we did further photos and chatted a lot. ^__^

As we went back to our picnic place we had to notice that more than the half of the Lolitas already left the Meet-Up - even the two "Organiser-Lolitas"!! Ö___Ö That was a real pity and it was only about 17:00h! Luckily, I was not only by my own - I guess I hadn't found the way back to the S-Bahn-Station. ^__^6

Prospera, Rena-Rena and I finally took the train way back to Aachen at 18:40h. I was pretty tired as we finally arrived the Main Station in Aachen at around 20:25h. U__U But it was although a nice Meet-Up - it is always nice to meet new people! <3


  1. Schöner Eintrag ! Der Tag war richtig schön ^-^ lg~ PrincessTenko

  2. aawww wie schön ihr wieder aussaht *o*

    vor allem die SpiegelBilder gefallen mir sehr gut ^,^
    eine sehr gute idee ;3

  3. Das tut uns echt Leid dass wir da schon weg waren! Wir wollten uns verabscheiden aber wir haben die meisten gar nicht mehr gefunden weil die alle im Park verteilt waren. Für das nächste Mal werden wir auf jeden Fall einen Treffpunkt ausmachen nach einiger Zeit, damit man nochmal gemeinsam Auf Wiedersehen sagen kann ^_^ Daran hatten wir einfach nicht gedacht >___<
    Aber es freut mich dass dir das Treffen ansonsten gefallen hat, war auch schön dich mal wieder zu sehen, und dein Outfit war einfach mal wieder Zucker!!

  4. You are all so cute! <3

    In the first picture, what dress is the girl on the far right wearing?