Wednesday, July 18, 2012

You just have to love pet rats and hamsters

Hello my dear mauw-mauws, <3

can you imagine a life without pets? Not me! I would feel like there is something missing in my life.
Which make me laugh even when Im feeling depressed sometimes.

From childhood we always had pets: Bunnies and Guinea-Pigs (which we had to give away because my mum became allergic), Mice (only once), Rats, Budgerigar, Cockatiel, Fishs, (miniature) Hamster and of course we had a dog. Clearly, my sister and I became pet-lovers, too. Even though my sister prefers now a bit more exotic "pets" like her lovely bearded dragons I kept my love for rodents, especially for pet rats. I am very thankful that I learned to handle with pets since my earliest childhood. Thanks (especially) mum and dad! ^__^

It is so wonderful, that, when Im coming home again and entering the kitchen, I see one of my rats (mostly Vanilla) sitting there in the uppest corner of her cage and "waiting" their for me. Its amazing how fixed tame pet rats can be on humans. Its a shame that so many people have a prejudice against (pet) rats. Rats are such so friendly and intelligent pets. In my experience those people who disliked and/or prejudiced rats before, liked or even loved them after I showed them my pet rats. This makes me really happy because those pet rats deserve to be loved: <3

My shy but cheeky star: Carli.

Kuraude loves Carli and Carli loves Kuraude's hair

Loyal Vanilla

"Granny"-Peachy, sometimes I call her "Ms. Empress Peachy", because she is allowed to enjoy all benefits because of her quite old age ^____^
Arent they just adorable? <33

Im not only loving my three rats, I also do love my little hamster Sugar (Teddiursa) which I adopted due to the fact she was an "emergency" pet. Hamsters are so different from rats - Sugar is doing her own little things while my three pet rats are tamely and more interested in me and humans. I would like to know what plans she is making... ö_Ö

Sugar planning her conquest of the whole world
Those four pets are not my first pets Ive got - many pets passed away in all those years but I will never forget them and all the nice time I had with them.

R. I. P.
all my honeys in the Pet Palace in Heaven <3


  1. aawww was für ein süßer Blog über deine kleine Engelchen <3 <3
    Ich liebe sie allen ^x^

    *ein paar Haare für Carli abschneiden*

  2. Was für tolle süße "mäuse" du da hast <3 Herzlich die kleinen <3

    Und wie du mir, so ich dir :D Immer wieder toll, jemanden kennenzulernen, der "gleich tickt" wie man selbst! :D