Thursday, July 26, 2012

This Nintendo 3DS belongs to me

Hello my cute mauw-mauws,

I wanted to have a 3DS for a longer time now, but actually it was too dear for me. About 150,00€ for a new new 3DS without any games?! Then rather not, I thought. But fortunately, my friend Gia knew about my thoughts concerning a 3DS and so she informed me a week ago that an acquaintance of her will sell his 3DS and three games for only 130,00€(!!!). There I maked short work and confirmed that I will buy this set.
The set I bought includes:
- Limited Edition Zelda Design 3DS
- Zelda: Ocarina of Time
- Mario Kart 7
- Lego: Pirates of the Caribbean

Last monday Don and I met up with Gia and the former owner of the 3DS for the handover at a local McDonalds restaurant.
I was so happy as the 3DS was then officially mine <3 The 3DS is rarely played and almost brand new, I even still have guarantee on it. ^O^

Of course I had to play instantly XD

(by the way Im wearing at this photos one of my clothes I recently bought at DreamV/Yumetenbo via - I just love those clothes and I'll write a short review in the near future)

Thank you, Gia! <3
Since I am owning the 3DS Gia and I playing every evening online together Mario Kart 7. It makes so much fun! <3 I love it!!!

I guess, THIS was the DEAL of the MONTH! =D

I am really happy with my 3DS <3 ~ NYAAHRN~ and next week I am going to have holidays - I guess you know what I will do ^__^6 Sorry I can't help myself - Im just an addicted gamer girl!!
So, if you also have got a 3DS I would also like to exchange my friend code with you. <3

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