Monday, July 23, 2012

2nd Aix-La-Chapelle Lolita Meet-Up

Hello my lovely mauw-mauws,

at the 21st of July the 2nd Aix-La-Chapelle Lolita Meet-Up took place. This time I had to prepare the Meet-Up together with Kuraude. Eventhough we were only 5 Lolitas it was an really great Meet-Up for me and Im kinda proud that we also had two Lolitas at the Meet-Up which were not from Aachen and near neighborhood and traveled about 3 hours to this Meet-Up. ^___^

So, we'd met up first at the Aachener central station and then we head off to the Lousberg. There we had a lovely picnic: We had little cute heart-cakes, biscuits, little apple-pies, waffles, sesame cracker and more. Very delicious! <3 And gratefully, the weather forecast hadn't be right - it was cloudy indeed but it didn't rained the whole afternoon. I hate rainy Lolita Meet-Ups. Brr~~ We chatted a lot and did a lot of photos:

my favourite one <3

I love the expression of all our faces here =D

We almost forgot to take a few "Single-Photoshootings", but here there are:

I was happy to see Prospera again now (I missed her a bit during the 1. Aix-La-Chapelle Meet-Up p__q). I really like the way she dresses in Lolita and her whole co-ords it all suits her very well.

Yoko was my personnel special guest and Im really happy that she visited our Meet-Up and that she stayed the weekend with me. If someone would ask me, how a (Bitter)Sweet Lolita Outfit should look like - I would show them a photo of Yoko. <3

Fraeulein_Elisabeth was the only afore unknown Lolita to me. She said she just started wearing Lolita-Fashion - but we were all pretty impressed about her selfmade JSK. ^o^ I guess she simply got the skills and  I wonder about her future Lolita-Outfits.

Kuraude, my best friend, was part of the Lolita Meet-Up, too. She remains true to herself and weared a bright red JSK (If you do not knew it til now - Red is her absoooolute favourite colour ;'D). Red is (whyever) a not so common colour in Lolita-Fashion and I love how Kuraude presents this colour for Lolita. Well, it simply suits her brilliant and she was great contrast with her bold red! <3

Ah, ja, thats me X'D - and ja, it is the Btssb Ice Cream OP again, I just had to wear it - Id never weard it before to a Lolita Meet-Up whether to a Convention. ^__^ - Unfortunately the OP is pretty bright and my photocamera had trouble with it. U__U

Later on, my boyfriend joined us and as it was getting colder we decided to "crest" the top of the Lousberg.

Meanwhile it was later then 5:00pm and we decided to split up steady. The Meet-Up may were small but mighty. I hope we can repeat this great vibe we had in our group in upcoming meetings, too. I hope the next Aix-La-Chapelle Meet-Up will be as gogeous at this one! <3

Later, at my place Yoko and I watched Kamikaze Girls - the famous movie in which a girl who loves Lolita-Fashion is one of the central characters. The whole story is told with a (big) wink and a bit exaggerated - but I loved it! If I could I would watch the movie today again. <3
After that we take delicious dinner my boyfriend made for us and then we browsed throught our Gothic&Lolita Bibles and several Lolita Internet-Stores. Thank you for staying at my place, Yoko, I really enjoyed it and Im happy that we had the chance to get to know each other better // And thank you very much for your little gift <3 ! NYAAHRN~


  1. Die Bilder sind so toll und die Kulise passte ja.
    Such great photos,the setting was fitting.

  2. Awww ♥o♥

    Schatzi ^,^ Was für ein schöner Eintrag <3 <3
    Und danke für das liebe Kompliment ^////^
    Ich werde auch weiterhin stolz meine roten Kleider präsentieren ;x

    Kussi ^♥^

  3. Ihr seht total hübsch aus! :) Wirklich schade, dass ich nicht dabei sein konnte.