Thursday, June 7, 2012

Nihon Day (Japantag) 2012

Hello my lovely mauw-mauws,

last saturday I visited with my friends the 11th Nihon Day / Japantag 2012 in Duesseldorf. It was the fourth time we visited the Nihon Day. We’re looking the whole year forward to this event.

This years Nihon Day was absolutely great too, we’ve met a lot of friends and people again, for example Lobby, Mino, Fie, Missx Neko, Kuryu, Karu, Zubara and Ruka. Unlike the last years, Don didnt went with us from the beginning but he joined us later and we drove ogether with Kuraude's parents in their travel van to Duesseldorf.  It was quite fun to travel by a travel van. ^___^

For the Nihon Day I weared for the first time a Wa-Lolita Outfit:

Of course, the Yukata had to be pink. Im really happy with my Yukata and its lovely to know now that other people like it that much, too. <3

Kuraude also weared a Wa-Lolita Outfit:

Aww, I really love to see Kuraude wearing it. It suits her that perfectly that Im almost a bit jealous XD (just kiddin').


 Mochi weared some traditional clothing, too. It was a sort of a Samurai Outfit:

It really suits him well ^___^

We went the location of the Nihon Day up and down, posed a lot and met a lot of people we know. Kuraude and I even posed for a photographer for a local online-journal:

Maybe we're in another journal, too, who knows?! XD

Here Im grinning next to the cute Missx Neko.
Ive met her the first time at a local Lolita-Meet Up and she is a really nice girl with an unique look and style. 

Later on, we've finally met up with Ruka.
She cosplayed Cinderella. Poor Ruka had to fight with her sunburn. ^__^6
But she looked still awesome!

During the evening, we'd looked for a good place to watch the firework later on. Before that, Don joined us and we had to take a "Fantastic Four"-Group picture of us for our in the near future upcoming joint photo-album:

I really enjoyed the Nihon Day 2012 and looking forward to next year!


  1. Fantastic Four! Guter Name ... :D

    Der Tag war wirklich großartig! Der Blog-eintrag und die Bilderauswahl ist dir auch mal wieder super gelungen :)
    Ihr saht auch sehr süß aus und dein Yukata passt sehr gut zu dir. Bin jetzt schon gespannt auf nächstes Jahr xD

  2. Was für ein süßer Blog Eintrag zum Japantag ^,^

    Der Tag war wirklich wiedermal einmalig ^o^ (bin auch froh das wir und meine Eltern uns so gut verstanden haben (\^o^/)

    und nein....du siehst viel besser aus in der Yukata (sieh Mexx) ;P
    kussi <3

  3. Was ein sehr schöner und auch heißer Tag ^^ Nächstes Mal nehme ich definitiv Sonnencrem mit :D ich freu mich schon auf das nächste Jahr. Es war ganz toll euch dort getroffen zu haben :)