Monday, June 18, 2012

1st Aix la Chapelle Lolita Meet-Up & Inhumanity in Ukraine

Hello my lovely mauw-mauws,

last saturday the first official "Aix la Chapelle" Lolita Meet-Up had taken place. The "Aix la Chapelle"-Lolita Meet-Ups are a new series of (hopefully) regularly Lolita Meet-Ups in Aachen in neighbourhood.

This time we've met up in Übach-Palenberg, a village nearby Aachen.
First we've looked for a nice place to have a picnic.

 Deadromance baked that rainbow cake especially for the Meet-Up.  <3

As it starts drizzling more and more we decided to break up the picnic and to run for cover. There we did some few photos, f. e. this one:
from left to right: I, Kuraude, Deadromance, Sarah, RainyYuki and Buschwindroeschen
L.O.L.I.T.A !!!

Mercifully, the rain stopped and we had the chance to make several pictures nearby the river:

from upper left to at the bottom of the right: Kuraude, Deadromance, Buschwindroeschen, Sarah, I and RainyYuki

After this photo-session we went to a bridge to watch all the ducks and geese, which were awaiting some bread or anything else eatable from us. ^__^

f. l. t. r.: Deadromance, RainyYuki, I, Buschwindoreschen, Sarah and Kuraude
My favourite photo <3
In the meantine it began to drizzle again and stopped and it began again to drizzle and stopped and so on.  We also taped a short funny video (Lolita against Zombies - the final march) XD, but I didn't had the time to edit it til now.  I really enjoyed the afternoon, we were a funny group. ^__^
At this point I would like to thank you all for the wonderful afternoon: Deadromance, Kuraude, Buschwindroeschen, RainyYuki and Sarah.

The 2nd Aix-La-Chapelle Lolita Meet-Up take place at the 21st of July in Aachen. <33
Im looking forward to it and hope we`ll have again some nice hours together.

Now Im continuing with a more serious topic:
Before we split up in the end, I asked the girls if they would like to assist me in a call and started: The call is about the dog killing in the Ukraine for the EM2012. As you might now in Ukraine are living many stray dogs. And because the Ukraine is trying to have a more "cleanse" country during the EM2012 the killing of dogs and cats highly increased. Although it is prohibited since 2006 in Ukraine killing animals by inhumane methods such as painful injections and poisoning, the municipalities commonly use these illegal methods, because its the fastest way to eradicate the straying dogs and cats. It seems unthinkable for us here, but it seems to be ordinary in Ukraine that dead dogs are lying next to the street or nearby a playground. I really can not understand it. So I had to take a stand against the killing of the dogs and Im really happy that I could convert them for this action:

I and Kuraude are against the killing of dogs for EM2012

5 Lolitas, 1 mind

Thanks to RainyYuki, Kuraude, Deadromance and Sarah for joining this important issue <3
It means a lot to me. I know that this two photos do not change that much, but all I want to achieve is to draw the peoples attention to this cruel slaughter. I want to reach as many people as I can, so nobody can say anymore that he or she never heard of the killing.
You can support this action also. To support and for more information please visit Peta . (!I do not take any responsibility for any external pages linked here!)

Please, do not look away... take action! <3
The dogs will be grateful... <3


  1. war ein schönes kleines treffen, schön dass du wieder dabei warst (: freue mich aufs nächste und hab auch gerne bei der peta aktion mitgewirkt<3

  2. Das hört sich doch toll an. Eure Bilder sind auch super geworden :)

    Die Peta-Aktion ist auch eine super Idee!

  3. Ich fand das war eins der besten Lolita Treffen die wir jeh hatten <3
    Auch oder grade weil, wir so ein kleines Grüppchen waren ^o^

    Ich liebe das LOLITA Foto, freu mich das es so gut geworden ist ^//,//^
    Und ich bin froh das du diese Peta-Aktion gemacht hast und das alle mitgemacht haben (\^O^/)

  4. Super,hab ich gleich mal geteilt, tolle Aktion!

  5. Klasse Bilder, vorallem die Petaaktion gefällt mir sehr! Nächstes Mal will ich mit :D

  6. Die Gegend war ein bisschen abgeschieden. Und leider war das Wetter ja echt nicht so toll. Aber für den schönen Anblick spielt man gerne mal den Chauffeur ;-)