Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Two new mates and two new cases of illness

Hello my loooovely mauw-mauws,

first of all, the good news:
Since the 14th of May 2012 we're having two litte new flat-mates: Vanilla and Carli.

Carli and Vanilla (red eyed one)

Vanilla is born at the 1st of April 2012 and is a really nosy and clingy one.  Vanilla especially adores Peachy very much. She is following Peachy to everywhere and if Peachy starts eating, Vanilla does also. I guess thats the reason why Vanilla is tamely already. She is blossoming out to be everybodys darling and its true you cant resist her lovely and clumsy behaviour. <33

Vanilla just woke up at her favourite sleeping place: The Hammock 

Carli is born at the 14th of April. Carli however is more a sort of a "lone wulf" but she is making also great progresses and Im confident that she will get as tamely as Vanilla soon. And if not, its okay for me also. Each rat got a individuality nature and you can't constain a pet to be like you want to (for gods sake!). Although Carli seems to be a bit more reserved she is quite a cheeky one and enjoys "fighting"/"playing" around with Vanilla. Its lovely to see them jumping and running around - they full of vitality and enjoying their lifes.

Carli has a really cute way to care herself <3

First of all, I did not wanted to adopt any new rats. I was scared that it would look like I would try to replace Nori in some way. But with the time I had to recognize that I can't leave Peachy up all alone until the end of her life. No matter how much time I would spend with Peachy, I could never replace the attentions of her own species. Rats are "pack-animals", they need each other - and so Peachy needed some other rats around her. Im really thankful that my boyfriend Don appreciated this issue and agreed to adopt two new fancy rats.

I was a bit excited about how would Peachy react to Vanilla and Carli and was pretty surprised: She accepted them instantly. No drama. Peachy is such a kind rat. It is really lovely to see them while they're sleeping next to each other.

Peachy, Vanilla and Carli
 It seems like Peachy enjoys to have the two kiddies around her. She is more active than before and likes when Carli or Vanilla are grooming her.

But (and now I tell you about the bad news)

unfortunately Vanilla brought a cold with.
And moreover Peachy was getting ill, too.
As I saw Peachy yesterday afternoon heavily breathing I immediately went to the veterinarian with her (and with Vanilla because her (head) cold) get worser, too). Its quite unclear whether Vanilla infected her with mycoplasma or if Peachy carried them by herself and now suffers from illness. Mycoplasma is a organism which inhabits the rats respiratory system and almost every rat are infected with it, but many rats carry this infection without appearing to suffer any illness. To be honest, the veterinarian also could not tell me for sure if Peachy and Vanilla are infected by mycoplasma but its very likely. Well, now I have to deliver two different meds (1x antibiotics and 1x expectorant) to all of them, even to Carli, because mycoplasma is infectious. Unlike Peachy, Vanilla is, besides of the lil sniffle, in a great health probably due to the fact of her still young age (for gods sake!). Peachy unfortunately is ill with pneumonia.

Todays afternoon I gave Peachy an alone run to observe her behaviour and state of health.
To support her heal-process I brewed a camomile tea so Peachy had the chance to inhale it.

Peachy is still weakened, but she is feeling better
 I really hope that Peachy will feel better soon. The most important thing is that she still got a good appetite and so she eats the yoghurt with the medicine I offering her quite greedy. If I compare her state of health today with the one of yesterday I have to say that the medicines seems to have positives effects... I hope this effect will continue..

Lets hope the best for Peachy!

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  1. Great baby rats,beautiful color and so cute.. :)