Monday, May 7, 2012

1st meeting with Yoko Rosedust

Hello my lovely mauw-mauws,

last saturday I spent my day in Duesseldorf with Yoko Rosedust. Ive get to know her due the fact that she also bought the Angelic Pretty "A La Carte Tea Time Going Out"-Set. We wrote each other for 2 or 3 months now and last saturday we finally met each other for the 1st time. =)

Yoko is such a sweetheart she brought me a little gift with:

An original fan from japan. Aww~ it will fit so perfectly to my Yukata Outfit for this years Japantag next month in Duesseldorf! <3

Well then our first aim was to took some Purikura's together. It was a lot of fun and because we went quite early to the Purikura-automate we had enough time to edit them afterwards <3



yeah, up in space like Nyan Cat ;D

What an awesome snap this would be..

As we finished editing the Purikuras we went to Takagi's Book Store, because I wanted to buy Kuraude a Hiragana booklet. Then we went to the Bubble Tea store. Unfortunately it was raining the whole day, so my hair was pretty crappy (thats the reason why I won't show a photo of me XD) =((


Lovely Yoko wearing her JSK of our fateful Angelic Pretty A La Carte Tea Time Going Out Set
We talked a lot about Lolita, Japan, Pets and the world and watched through Yokos new KERA magazine and my Angelic Pretty booklet Yoko brought with for me.

At next we drifted on the "Japan-Meile" again, bought a bit foodstuff and ended up in a japanese bakery. I instantly felt in love with their cookies, biscuits and baked goods. Japanese people seem to like French Breakfast, which means sugar sugar sweet sweet! <3

Thereafter we decided to head home again. The weather was getting worser and especially Yoko had a quite long homeward journey. A shame the weather was that bad that day, because actually I planned that we would visit the Japanese Garden (EKO HAUS)...

It is really a strange feeling to meet and see someone finally in "reallife" you afore only know via pictures and messages. ^___^ I was really excited and nosy to see her - and she didnt disappointed my expectations: Yoko is a really kind and cute Lolita (thanks for buying and carrying the Wii-Game "DDR Hottest Party" for me also!). I really enjoyed the day with her and looking forward to meet her again.
Im a lucky person that I get to know her and I don't want to miss her from now on in some way! ^___^ <333333333333333333333333 (btw, Im happy that you loved my little gift, too) <3


and of course a photo of my outfit for the meeting:

Id worn my newest Lolita Dress: Baby The Stars Shine Bright Ice Cream One Piece.
Ive bought it from a girl second-hand. More details will follow in a separate blog post. <3 ^__^
The photo was taken after I went home again -so sorry for the crappy hair and face expression XD

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  1. Sounds like it was a great day :) Sweet pictures :) and I'm looking forward to see you in your Yukata next month :)