Thursday, April 12, 2012

Chocolaty Days - easter 2012

Hello my lovely mauw-mauws,

finally a new entry of mine.
I hope you all had great holidays and/or easter days.

I personally really enjoyed the four-day weekend much and did a lot those four days:

On Fridays Don, my sister, her boyfriend and I drove to the IKEA in Heerlen (The Netherlands). It was a lot going on at the IKEA due to Friday was a holiday in germany but not in the netherlands. We bought "Wall-tattoos", a white table lamp and two cereals storage boxes.

Saturdays I went with my mum to the Aachener Arkaden. There I bought a new peach-colored jeans:
Brand: Tally Weijl
Price: 25,95€

I really love those colorful jeans and trousers. I also own one jeans in rose and purple, but I want also ones in green, blue and pink. ^___^ I like the actual tendency in fashion to more colorful clothes!

Later on, my dad gave this huge chocolate bunny to me:

The total weight of this choclate bunny is 1kg (2.2 Ibs).
It's just to huge and cute to eat it so I store it in one of our vitrines.

Later on, Kuraude visited me and we were both waiting for Don and Mochi to arrive. We waited and waited and get really hungry.  Because we were so hungry, I called Don before and was a bit bitchy towards him at phone (I always get bitchy when Im hungry).  Finally, with a delay of almost 2 hours, Don and Mochi went home and we could start dinner. Furthermore, Don bought a little gift for me with:

Its soooo really mega cute, isnt it? I named it simply "Kanninchän".  Awww~ I instantly felt in love with it AND I had a guilty conscience because I was so nasty with Don at the phone beforehand.

Don is always such a lovely person. A few days before easter he bought me impulsively a Hello Kitty bracelet just because I was in a bad mood due to my workday:

Well, on sundays Kuraude and Mochi visited us again and towards evening we went to Aachens midtown and met up with Ruka and two other friends of us. It was a quiet funny evening/night.

On Easter Monday Don and I were invited by my mum for lunch. Of course, my mum had spared no efforts and served us with I guess six different meals. Moreover we'd get a lot of presents:

The Hello Kitty stuff is only a gift to me, Don received the cooking books - you have to know that he is the chef de cuisine. ^___^
After I relaxed from the sumptuous lunch, I started baking Muffins. The thing I most like about baking muffins is to decorate them afterwards with chocolate-cream and candy stuff. If it were only up to me, I would decorate every Muffin to the top, but most people do not like "Over-the-Top-Muffins":

I love Muffins. Im not very good at baking, but mums secret recipe for muffins is simply unbeatable <3


  1. The jeans are very cute! I love their color : )
    And I love those muffins! *-* They looks so delicious : 3

  2. What a lovely easter - ^ v ^ -

  3. Sounds like a great weekend :) I like the plush bunny and your muffins most :D It was much fun with you guys in Aachen and I hope we can repeat it soon :)

  4. Wow da hast du ja richtig abgesahnt!