Monday, March 5, 2012

Aachener Lolita Meet-Up - The Reunion 2012

Hello my lovely mauw-mauws,

Last Saturday I took part of the local Lolita Meet-Up in Aachen. I really enjoyed the Meet-Up even though we were this time only six Lolitas (and most of the time only five). It was nice to have a Meet-Up in Aachen again.

First, we’d visited the Aachener Rathaus. <3
As we saw these five chairs in the corner we had to do a group photo (Sorry for the crap photo-quality, I tried my best to improve it).

Deadromance, I, Magdalena, Chibi and Prospera
In the next room (my favourite one), we continue taking photos of us. Luckily, we had enough space for making photos, I dont know why, but there weren't that many people inside the Aachener Rathaus.

I and Chibi

mautziges Usai <3

During the way up to the supposed main-attraction of the Rathaus we stopped for doing another group-photo and because we had no person for taking the picture of us we had to use the self-timer again. =D

Chibi, Prospera, Magdalena, Deadromance and I

As we finally arrived upstairs, we were quite disappointed about the main-hall of the Rathaus. The hall itself was huge but a bit clinical and with scaffolds. Quite uninviting.

After we'd left the Rathaus a few of us bought Bubble Tea and then we went to the Glaskubus to take a drink and have a snack. Meanwhile, Magdalena left our group but Sarah (while Im writing this entry I regognize that I do not have a photo which is showing Sarah =( ) joined us. =)
There we talked about to do those Meet-Ups more regulary and we decided to launch a Lolita Meet-Up series in Aachen and neighbourhood. We baptized the series "Aix La Chapelle Lolita Meet-Up". Im so happy that we launch a series now and Im really so excited bout the "Aix La Chapelle Lolita Meet-Up" - future. I really hope, that we will have many unforgettable Meet-Ups.

Deadromance, Sarah, Magdalena, Prospera and Chibi: Thank you for the lovely day!!! <3


  1. Total tolle Bilder, ich wünschte ich wäre da gewesen, aber es ist so weit weg! ^^

  2. You're very cute!!
    I love lolita also and I wish I could start doing the style XD

    btw,if it's ok pls come visit my blog also ^ ^