Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Peachy and Nori celebrating their 2nd Birthday

Hello my lovely~ mauw-mauws,

At 7th February I celebrated Peachy’s and Nori’s 2nd Birthday. Some people may think that it is a bit overdone to celeberate a rats birthday, but I dont mind, because I really do love them. <3

I invited my mum, my sister and her boyfriend, Mochi, Kuraude and my boyfriend (of course) for celebrating. They all really like Nori and Peachy and because it was probably their last birthday (Fancy rats only have a lifespan of about 2 years), I wanted to have a few people around me to celebrate the two.

I didn’t expected that someone would buy presents for Peachy and Nori, but they all did, it really surprised me but the two were really happy about it, I guess. ^__^

      -          Mochi gave them Kräcker Bisquiti Cheese (Vitakraft),
-          My sister Skullina and her boyfriend gave them a “Crunch Tunnel”, it’s a eatable Tunnel XD
-          My mum baked especially for them cereal-cookies and created a birthday-card
-          And I bought them a tube cheese-paste (actually this paste is for cats), special basic-food with fish and so on and a grass-nest.

my presents for Nori and Peachy

Peachy invetsigates the grass-nest

Nori while eating the "Crunchy Tunnel"

Long live Peachy and Nori, the princesses!

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