Friday, January 20, 2012

Do you know Mochi?

Hi my mauw-mauws,

Today I would like to start with my personal-series of  "Do you know..?", a series where I tell you about the V.I.P's in my life.

First up is my best boyfriend, Mochi.

Mochi @ 11th Harajuku Day 

We know and like each other for 4 years now.

How we get to know each other?
Well, he wrote a message in to me, is a german social network for pupils. He searched for other pupils being at his school and found me. Afterwards, he told me that he just picked me because he thought that my user-picture was “funny”. >__< XD
We wrote a bit and then we decided to meet us during the school-breaks. Back then, Mochi had dyed blonde hair and you saw at first sight that he was a manga/anime/game–Fan. I guess it had also to do with his several Kingdom Heart-shirts, which he is wearing still today.  It took some time to get to know him closer but it was definitely worth.

What do I like the most about Mochi?
At first, I really like his humour, he got a sarcastic and mean humour. He also really enjoys to annoy Kuraude when he is repeating her statements, which, admittedly, sometimes a bit weird. I like to quote one famous conversation of Kuraude and Mochi during Japantag 2009:
Kuraude: I mean an umbrella so a hand fan!
Mochi: Jap, cause an umbrella and a hand fan are well known as the same thing!
Situational comedy!
But Mochi don’t just have a great taste of humour he is also a good listener, spontaneous, generous (he is never-ever stingy with presents) and helpful. I heard many people in my life saying that “friendship” is the most important thing in their life, but to be honest, Mochi is the first one which I would believe that. So, I can be really lucky to have him as my best boyfriend. We have many shared interests, from games to japan to cosplay. <3 Im really glad that he is part of our clique so Im not the only crazy one. =D

Any bad habits?
Mochi is sometimes a sort of Mr. Know-it-all, it doesn’t annoy me much, Im just thinking “okay, he got his 5 minutes, just let him talk!”. I guess, he really enjoys his Mr.-Know-It-All Mode! ^__^
And, sorry Mochi, one more thing I have to bring up: Sometimes he is really a little “Drama-Queen”. =D – but we can handle with it.

5 words that describe Mochi the most:
-          Sarcastic
-          strawberry-water
-          Attention-whore XD
-          Special
-          Faithful

Mochi and I cosplaying Inu Yasha and Chii @ Connichi 2009
 I know, I wrote this before, but Im really, really glad that he is my best boyfriend. We shared so many experiences together and I think I can trust him blindly.
He is like the lil brother I never had. <3

Places, where you can find Mochi:
Animexx: Mochi-kun
Facebook: Mochi Ochi

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