Friday, January 27, 2012

Do you know Kuraude?

Hello my dear mauw-mauws,

Here comes the second part of my “Do You Know..?”-series. This time it’s Kuraude’s draw.

Kuraude is wearing her Yukata @ Dokomi 2011

She is my best girlfriend and we know and like each other since Oktober 2006.

How we get to know each other?
It was October 2006, midst in the school-year, as I decided to quit the upper grade, because I didn’t wanted to make my Abitur and study, but, instead start as a trainee for Business Management for Office Communications. I had to change the school and there I get to know Kuraude, she was in my class.

What do I like the most about Kuraude?
Kuraude is a really kind person. Probably the kindest person I know. She tries to do everything right for (almost) everyone and keeps her own needs pretty unattended. Sometimes I think Kuraude is a way to~ “kind” and “nice” for this world. Kuraude is also a pretty uncomplicated person and it is really cute how easy you can enthuse her for, for example, cutie-kawaii things and so on. I really enjoy when shes around me, because she is a pure sunshine. We share many things together, we both like to wear the Lolita-Style - she is wearing mainly JSK/Skirts/Dresses in red and I wearing mainly rose/pink. We both also like to create Cosplay’s, love Japan and kawaii things and we are both vegetarians. I also like the sound of her voice and how she emphasis words, it is more melodic. It’s a bit different to the others in our bigger group, maybe because she is a pole.

Any bad habits?
Kuraude can‘t assert herself pretty much, she hates conflicts to death, and is avoiding those conflicts as good as she can. She holds on of her ideal of an idyllic world. Unfortunately, she gets exploited for this by others.
And sometimes, Kuraude affirms things even if she hasnt got any clue what we`re talking about or/and if it’s just not fitting. I guess it’s simply a habit of her instead of saying “ah, I see” she says “true that”. But we all think that this habit of her is pretty funny and Mochi didn’t ever miss the chance to annoy her with it. =)

5 words that describe Kuraude the most:
-          kind
-          naive
-          I-only-fall-in-love-with-an-asian
-          red
-          cute

I and Kuraude cosplaying Hello Kitty (Lolita Vers.) and Pucca @ Amiru 2011
I’m a really lucky person to claim Kuraude as my best girlfriend. I thought, I would never find my BGF – but then I met Kuraude. It’s the first time I can share so many things with a female friend. Even though I know her only about 5 years now, I could not imagine a world without her being my best girlfriend.
Love U <333

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