Thursday, October 27, 2011

My 2 cuties: Peachy and Nori // Nori's Surgery

For all those who may have not know it til yet:

I have two fancy rats.
Her names are Peachy & Nori.

By now they are about 1 year and 8 months old. The Lifespan of a fancy rat is about 2 years.

As you can see on the photo - rats love candy and, unlike bunnys or guinea pigs, they have a tough gastric. You can feed them noodles, rice, potatoes and a lots of vegetables. Of course this shouldn't be their basic food.

Unfortunately fancy rats are liable to (cancer) tumours and strokes, which are mostly after-effects of the way the rats were kept in labours. All Fancy rats are descendants of labour rats.

I was really lucky that Peachy and Nori are still healthy.. but then everything changed:

Nori got a tumour !!!

I felt awkward. 
And its not the first time that I saw a tumour or something like that, I have had pets my whole life, especially fancy rats. And I also had to see them pass by.  

I immediately contact my veterinarian and get an appointment for a preliminary discussion for the upcoming surgery. Two days ago the time had finally come: Nori's surgery. My mum brought Nori to the veterinarian in the morning, because I had to go to work. During the whole day I just hoped that there will be everything fine with her. I couldn't wait for the end of the work-time to fetch up Nori-chan.

I really felt relieved as I saw Nori in her little box. Of course she looked a bit tired and groggy, but she instantly recognized that I was there and she nosy looked around.
Rats are so clever:
As I entered our staircase, she suddenly started looking nosy around again and as I finally arrived our flat she just wanted to get out of her little box. Even Peachy, who was all the time sleeping in their beloved hammock, was suddenly awaken - I guess she smelt Nori and Nori smelt Peachy. Even though the both wanted to see each other again I had to separate them for the first two days. 
The risk that Peachy would gnaw at Nori's wound was too high. Furthermore I had to prevent that the bedding would get into her wound. 

Today I finally could reuinte my cuties again. They really behaved happy. It made me really lucky to see them this way.

Peachy and Nori are wonderful <3

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