About Usai

よこそ and welcome!

my nickname is Usai and this blog is actually pretty old.
 Most of my upcoming posts will be about my experiences in Japan, Japanese Fashion, Culture, Japanese and (Anime/Game) Conventions.

Im into Lolita Fashion since 2008 and my favourite Sub-Style is Ama/Sweet Lolita. Im creating and wearing Cosplay's also since 2008. 
Since I was a child, Japan and it's culture thrilled me. I think everything started with the Game Boy / Nintendo 64 and the Manga & Anime surge in the early 90s in Germany. 

By now, I went to Japan three times.
My friends and I blogged about our experiences in Japan during summer 2013, autumn 2015 and spring 2017 here (in german): 4 in Japan
In summer 2018 I am going to visit Japan again!! Stay tuned!

Please follow also my instagram account : Usai_Kitty

Thank you 
 .. for visiting my Blog! 


♥ her besties - which are actually the best besties on earth \(^O^)/
♥ the colours
 pink and rose
♥ chocolate & cacao
♥ listen to Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Vocaloid, The Sweet, Linkin Park, An Cafe,
♥ and admires Audrey Hepburn, Hello Kitty
♥ playing videogames, like f. e. Final Fantasy (15/13/13-2/13-3), Pokemon, Super Smash Bros., Animal Crossing, Zelda and Tales of Symphonia
♥ (Sweet) Lolita, Oshare Kei and Fairy Kei
♥ Cosplay
♥ Japan
♥ (pet) rats, hamster, dogs, cats, bunnies, hamsters, pandas, squirrels

- to lose a game
- boredom
- to be unchallenged
- when she didn't get enough sleep
- to see (bare) feet! Im really happy that my own feet are quite small (36 / 22.5)

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