About Usai

よこそ and welcome!

my nickname is Usai and this blog is in a way a personal online-diary. Most of my posts will be about Lolita Fashion, Cosplay, Japanese Pop-Culture and Conventions and Japan in general.

Im into Lolita Fashion since 2008 and my favourite Sub-Style is Ama/Sweet Lolita. Im creating and wearing Cosplay's also since 2008. 

Since I was a child, Japan and it's culture thrilled me. I think everything started with the Game Boy / Nintendo 64 and the Manga & Anime surge in the early 90s in Germany. 

By now, I went to Japan twice.
We blogged about our experiences in Japan during summer 2013 and autumn 2015 here (in german): 4 in Japan

Thank you 
 .. for visiting my Blog! 


♥ her besties - which are actually the best besties on earth \(^O^)/
♥ the colours
 pink and rose
♥ chocolate & cacao
♥ listen to Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, LadyBaby, The Sweet, Mucc, Linkin Park, An Cafe, Take That
♥ and admires Audrey Hepburn, Hello Kitty
♥ playing videogames, like f. e. Final Fantasy (13/13-2/13-3), Pokemon, Super Smash Bros., Animal Crossing, Zelda and Tales of Symphonia
♥ (Sweet) Lolita, Oshare Kei and Fairy Kei
♥ Cosplay
♥ Japan
♥ (pet) rats, dogs, cats, bunnies, hamsters, pandas, squirrels

- to lose a game
- boredom
- to be unchallenged
- when she didn't get enough sleep
- to see (bare) feet! Im really happy that my own feet are quite small (36 / 22.5)

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