Monday, February 19, 2018

Restart ?!

It's been a while.
Sadly, I couldn't find time to blog regularly.
Moreover, my priorities changed quite a lot. That's the reason why I set back more than 3/4 of my earlier entries.
Currently, I am thinking about blogging mainly about my experiences in Japan and  Japan related stuff (Fashion, Language, Food, Events etc.).
I went to Japan by now three times and will be there again this June/July and I will visit a school and  stay at a host family. I am really excited!

It is also the first time I will visit Japan all alone. ^__^6
I can not promise to blog regularly again here, if you are interested about Japan, please feel free to follow my instagram: Usai_Kitty

If anyone is reading this and is still following my blog: Thank you! ^___^