Monday, October 3, 2016

Staycation - Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery and Memorial & Aubel

Hello my lovely maucha's,

last weekend we started another "Staycation"-trip. Following the advice of a colleague of mine, we headed to visit Aubel. Aubel is a municipality in Belgium in the Wallon province of Liège. On our way to Aubel we made a stopover at the American Cemetery & Memorial in Henri-Chapelle. It is located around 15km from Aachen.

sign of the american monuments battle commission

By entering the cemetory through the pillars entrance you get a fascinating but also sad sight:

archangel with bay leaf is the patron saint

The memorial contains the graves of around 8,000 american military members who died during World War II. Most of them were soldiers, but there were also a few priests or diplomats.

Next to the cemetery is also a chapel and a little museum which we could not enter that day.

Nearby the cemetery, you have a beautiful of Belgiums countryside:

Before we made our way further to Aubel we took a few souvenir photos:

autumn is coming

doki doki

Next up was then finally Aubel. Here we actually only visited Val-Dieu Abbey and took a stoll through the gardens.

I really enjoyed our little roadtrip and the whole weekend with my "better half". For the next few weeks we will be both pretty busy and won't be able to spend that much time together. Well, maybe this is the reason why our joint trips are then even more better. <3

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