Sunday, August 21, 2016

Usai in Japan 2015 - Senso-ji / Asakusa Shrine

Hello my dear mauw-mauws,

after days full of Shopping and consumption, Mochi and I wanted to have a more "cultural" day again and we decided to make our way to the shinto Asakusa shrine / Senso-ji. Both are the most popular of their type in Tokyo.

The more we got close to the area the more crowded it got. The shrine / temple area is a real hot spot, but no surprise, it is simply gorgeous:

 At the Chozuya, a sort of water ablution pavilion, you actually can purify yourself before entering the main shrine.

five stored pagoda

 Next to the shrine there is the buddhist garden with several buddhist temples:

Mochi at Awashima-do

The sign of "O-Waraji" is a lucky charm and should support you in being a "good walker" by touching it.

Nakamise Street, the street of approach to the temple, is lined with a lot of small shops in old japanese styled huts. You can get a wide range of souvenirs and dishes here like f. e.  Kimono, Robes, Buddhist scrolls, T-Shirts, pendants, noodles, sweets...

..but the street is very crowded @___@

Askusa Shrine is a MUST see when you're in Tokyo. Its quite fascinating entering the "old / traditional" Japan admidst the loud, hectic Tokyo.

Thank you for reading! <3

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