Sunday, August 7, 2016

8. Golden Rhenania - Schloss Augustusburg Brühl

Hello my dear mauw-mauws,

last sunday the 8. Golden Rhenania Lolita Meet-Up took place and the Location for this Meet-Up couldn't be any better: Schloss Augustusburg in Bruehl.

I love this dress so much p__q / it is from "Metamorphose, temps de fille":  Fancy Egg

I went to Schloss Augustusburg already two years ago as part of another Lolita Meet-Up (1. Castles & Princesses - Lolita Meet-Up in Brühl ) and felt in love with the beautiful Augustusburg Palace and the gardens.
Due I had partaken at the guided tour already, Kuraude and I used the time for a lot of photos and simply enjoying the beautiful premises:

lovely Kuraude in lovely red 

We attracted the attention of quite a lot of people and they were all friendly and polite, asked whether they could take a photo with us and why we were wearing such fancy dresses. Some people just adressed compliments. <3
Sadly, those above written reactions are quite outstanding, usually not a single Lolita Meet-Up Ends without cathing up some silly comments and/or opinions you actually didn't asked for. But this time - not even a single one (this day is a turn-up for the books!)

Well, before we then had a seat in a nearby cafe with the whole lovely Lolita crew we need to take a group photo of course:

Thereafter we chatted for 3-4 hours in the cafe Time flew by very fast and the cake and cacao were both very delicious. I really had a fun day and looking forward to the next "Golden Rhenania"-Lolita Meet-Up in around two months. XOXOXO

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