Monday, June 20, 2016

Usai in Japan 2015 - Hello Kitty Café Kyoto

Hello my cute mauw-mauws,

during our stay in Japan, I finally had the chance to meet up with Yui again. I got to know Yui in Vienna, as I visited Schloss Schönbrunn. She toured the europe back then and I met up with her two month later in Cologne during Christmas time.

Now, Yui was back home and acted as our personal "Kyoto tour guide" for one day. Among others, we visited the Hello Kitty Café in Kyoto. The cafe is located on a lil hill and is traditional japanese styled.
Yui is such a sweetheart, she know how I adore Hello Kitty and so she came up with the idea to have a seat in this cafe.

When entering the cafe, you will be kindly welcomed by the staff who also patiently takes photos of you with their giant hello kitty plushie:

Okay, what's on the menue here?
The cafe only offer a handful of warm dishes, but the ones we choose were very delicious. Prices are around 1,500 Yen. And you get as much water as you want for free - as is the japan custom. Moreover, you can take the chopsticks as a souvenir with you! <3

Gosh, I think this was my first hot meal in Japan. And it was already Day 4! The days before I only ate Inari and other stuff from the convenience stores, hahaha ^__^ While traveling I'm sort of restless. I need to see as much as possible due my time is very limited and therefore precious in Japan - so meals have to be ligth fare and go fast.
Well, while eating and enjoying a meal (finally), we all also enjoyed the beautiful view into a little garden. Somehow the staff recognized our enthusiasm for the garden and asked us if they should take a photo of us there, too (how attentive!).

sadly, the stuff cropped Mochi a bit off :-/

I'm really thankful that Yui lead us to the Café. It was very delicious and worth the money and time, the staff is really friendly and you can enjoy shopping in the next door's located Hello Kitty- and Ghibli store with unique Kyoto-only- limited items. ^___^

The cafe also got a official website in japanese: Hello Kitty Cafe Kyoto - JP

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