Sunday, June 12, 2016

Staycation - Monschau, the historical town

Hello my dear mauw-mauws,

sad but true most people forget or start being oblivious about the beauty of their homeland. I'm no exception.
Like a tourist, I started doing some research about the "Must see" / "Hotspots" of my area. The historical town of Monschau ended up as the first "must visit again" place. Last time I visited Monschau I was a very young child and could only barely imagine anything from Monschau. So it was really about time!

Monschau is a small town in the district of Aachen, only about 35km away from Aachen central.
Due to it's half-timbered houses and the lots of narrow streets Monschau probably looks like how many non-mid-europeans imagine germany. No wonder that Monschau is a tourist hotspot and got the nickname "pearl of Eifel" (eifel = low mountain range in western Germany and eastern Belgium).

Together with my boyfriend, I visited Monschau around eastern this year. Weather was still "modest", but as a result it wasn't crowded (accorind to several websites, Monschau get's pretty crowded during summer).

I LOVE river's flowing through town's <3

 As we strolled through the inner town, we tracked the sign "Panoramapfad" (Panorama path) which was partly a bit adventuresomely: small staircases, crumble stones & muddy ways.

doing my best to get through the mud in Lolita Fashion X'D
 But it was all worth the trouble:

my boyfriend storm a stronghold =D

Monschau looks so beautiful from on high. Very harmonic. And somehow also a bit like a toy town. If you stay in Aachen or nearby and still have a day off, you need to visit Monschau. Monschau simply got this peculiar charm you can't resist. <3

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