Sunday, June 5, 2016

My Cosplays - 11th - Lunch (evil state) of Dragon Ball

Hello my dear mauw-mauws,

let's have today all eyes on  my Lunch (evil state) Cosplay.

Lunch Cosplay - Profile:
Cosplay No.: 11
Created in: 2013
Costs: ~ 25,00€
Hours to make: 1h
Weared at: Connichi 2013 (Sunday), Connichi 2014 (Saturday), DoKomi 2015 (Sunday)

Why Lunch?
Actually, Andriod18 (#18, C18) is my favourite female character from the Dragon Ball series. But somehow I'm up to now still afraid to Cosplay her because I'm convinced that I simply can't look alike her. I really liked Lunch also and persuaded Kuraude to do Lunch's kind version. "Creating" the Cosplay was easy-going because we could buy her outfit on the cheap. We only needed to sew the headbows by ourselfes.

Any unforgettable experiences ?
Together with Kuraude as kind counterpart we got a lot of attention. Lunch is a way more popular character than I thought.  

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