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Usai in Japan 2015 - Bunny Island / Rabbit Island - Ōkunoshima

Hello my sweet mauw-mauws,

just soon after my first trip to Japan I heard about Japan's so called "Bunny Island" (or: Rabbit Island / Kaninchen / Hasen Insel ) Ōkunoshima and knew that this Island is a must see for my next trip to Japan.

"nom nom.. is this shoe food?"

To reach Okunoshima you must be up to expend a bit effort. Mochi and I made our way from Hiroshima, which has been advertised as one of the easiest ways. Due I found it pretty difficult to find a detailed direction from Hiroshima to Okunoshima here is the route we took back then in October:

How to get from Hiroshima to Okunoshima (Bunny Island)

We started at Hiroshima Station and took the "Kodama 732 Shinkansen" at 9.00am in the direction of Okayama.
After two stops we left at Mihara (Station)  around 9.26am and took the Kure Line at 9.42am in direction "Hiro".
We left train after 3 stops at Tadano-Umi (Station) at around 10.03am.
Tadano-Umi is a village and you simply can't miss your way to the port, it is a 5-10 minutes walk and well-signposted. By taking this plan, you may need to wait another 10 minutes until the ferry lands at Tadano-Umi.
You will reach Okunoshima then (FINALLY) by ferry within 15 minutes (day ticket: 620 Yen; this ferry is not included in JR Pass).

we are awaiting the ferry to Okunoshima at Tadano-Umi port

Mochi and I are really animal friends and so we went the evening before into several supermarkets to buy vegetables and bunny snacks. In case you do not have the chance to buy food in beforehand you can also buy bunny food at Tadano-Umi port for 100 Yen per pouches. But to be honest, we noticed that the bunnies prefer vegetables. :)

And so our wonderful journey at Okunoshima began:

is this food in your bag ??


waiting for more food XD

you find water dishes like this one above a lot at Okunoshima

A bunny life

feeding the bunnies:

bunny doing dunny things:

Through a little "jungle" we made our way to the highest point of the island and were accompanied by bunnies of course:

eventhough it was already October it is still pretty warm and sunny in Japan compared to mid-europe. As a ginger girl, I recommend sunblocker or clothes to cover your skin! ^__^6


Okunoshima once was a secret island which played a sort of key role during World War II as a poison gas factory. And the bunnies of Okunoshima actually tell a sad story, due they were back then test objects for chemical weapons. According to the former director of the poison gas museum located in Okunoshima, the current bunnies / rabbits have nothing to do with those who were involved in chemical tests. Nowadays you can find, besides a lot of bunnies,  ruins and the just mentioned poison gas museum:

If you love bunnies you need to visit Okunoshima. Mochi and me were almost the only two non-japanese people that day there, so it seems like that it is still an insider's tip to go there which means that you can enjoy the tame bunnies nearly for your own! <3 Hahaha! ^___^

Another indication for Okunoshima being still an insider's tip is that a lot of informations (signs, timetables, brochures) are written in japanese only. The citizens also seemed not that attuned for non-japanese tourists but they are nevertheless very friendly and helpful! ^__^

Don't worry, the bunnies will approach you all by theirselves. Without doubt. Really. But do not miss to get the last ferry around 5.00pm from Okunoshima back to Tadano-Umi! At Okunoshima port you'll find a timetable schedule of departures.

now I got travel lust.. I miss Japan =(

Thank you for reading! 
You can enjoy even more photos and VIDEOS at our travel diary blog: Day 10 - Okunoshima 

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