Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Role Play Convention 2016

Hello my cute mauw-mauws,

last sunday my boyfriend an I went to Cologne to visit the "Role Play Convention" (RPC) for the first time. I am quite used to Anime-Conventions so I was pretty curious what would await us at RPC.
In Cologne arrived, I fully dressed up as Princess Peach (driving a car while wearing a full-length hoop skirt is not a good idea X'D).

I love the new crown my sis made for me <3

with my sweetheart - ready to conquer the RPC !
I do not want to whine but I think that a parking fee of 10€ per day is pretty pricey. Especially when you then still need a 10-minute-walk from the parking lot to the actual trade fair. D:
When entering the trade fair it was strikingly how "uncrowded" the entrance hall had been. I knew in beforehand that the RPC is a way smaller convention than Gamescom or Dokomi but I was nevertheless surprised about how fast we could enter the convention. I guess I'm sadly just "used" to stand in a queue and pushing and shoving (Japantag 2016 brought this to a whole new level and using Trains during rush-hour in Tokyo XD).

After we met up with some friends of Sebi we made our way through the exhibition hall's and the outside located middle age's market:

At the middle age's market you even had the chance to do some axe throwing! ^O^ Of course my boyfriend and I couldn't miss the chance to do so.

like a pro!
bull's eye!
I also tried my best.. well, I tried.... hahaha...

And more amazing costumes / cosplayer crossed our way:

Isn't her outfit just AMAZING ?!

my boyfriend at his fave booth -> mead !
The middle age's market offered a great range of food and even live music. Ö__Ö But, what is even better is that I ran into several known faces / buddies. <3

During early afternoon, Sebi and I started our quest to find some cool dices for me. I still don't believe it, but we didn't made a find. How disappointing. p__q I felt a bit like my plushie Toad here below:


My bottom line for RPC:
I will definitely visit RPC again next year. It was pretty cozy, no crowds, amazing and lovely cosplayer and very nice people. <3
If you're not only into Anime but also roleplay / fantasy-stuff you need to pay a visit. ^O^

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  1. You look so pretty as the princess. <3
    I'd really like to experience axe throwing myself, too. That must be fun, sinking into history again and having such kind of games, etc. :D