Thursday, May 19, 2016

Meanwhile, in my life

Hello my dear mauw-mauws,

no, I'm not gonna start another post entry with phrases like "Oh my gosh, time flies way to fast" or "I was so very very busy" eventhough it is still the truth. There is so much I want to tell and show you about so many things happened the past few months to me but I' pretty unsure whether I get round to do so and so I decided to show you by now only some Highlights of my past few months:

- In September/October 2015 I finally visited Japan again. And, I couldn't imagine it in beforehand, but it was even better than my first stay in Japan in summer 2013!

Ein von Saskia Usagi (@usai_kitty) gepostetes Foto am

Ein von Saskia Usagi (@usai_kitty) gepostetes Foto am

You can find more photos by visiting my instagram account and even more photos and a "travel diary" here: Japan 2015

- At the end of July I visited London again with my mum (she is the best mum ever!!)

Ein von Saskia Usagi (@usai_kitty) gepostetes Foto am

Ein von Saskia Usagi (@usai_kitty) gepostetes Foto am

- In August I enjoyed a week in the Netherlands with the best Lolita Girls in the world! <3

- I enjoyed a lot of great Lolita Meet-Ups. I really love my local community (Loli-Pott, Golden Rhenania and of course my own baby, the Meet-Up-series"Aix-La-Chapelle").

- I finally even created new Cosplay's:

- and last but not least: My boyfriend. He's the best could have happened to me. He is my lover, my friend, my pal, my tower of strength and my soulmate.

@ Burg Satzvey. We visited the "Hexenmarkt"-Event that day. :)

Thank you for reading and/or following my blog. I really intend to blog more often now again. I missed blogging. =D


  1. You are so cute! I mean that handsome man with the beard of course, but you too usai :P

    Greetings Sven