Sunday, May 22, 2016

Japantag 2016 - Japan Day - 日本デー

Hello my dear mauw-mauws,

my boyfriend and I attended to this years Japantag (Japan Day / 日本デー) yesterday in Düsseldorf. Compared with last years Japantag, the weather this year was great but as a result it was really crowded.

We were pretty late for Japantag but actually this was only partially intended. I said to myself that I will do not stress myself too much in the morning. So far, so good. The effect was that we stuck in traffic for appr. half an hour. I can tell you, the usual "convention parking slot hunt" reached new dimensions but we hit paydirt and the parking slot we got was even for free!!! ^__^ I quickly changed shoes and arranged my bonnet and accessoires and then we headed towards Japantag.

This year I wore for the very first time a bonnet in my years as Lolita. X'D My " Fancy Egg " JSK from Metamorphose, temps de fille premiered also as well as my overknees from the japanese Harajuku brand " Swimmer ".

Well, kinda just in time we reached the "Japantag" and the big Lolita Meet-Up at St. Lambertus Chruch.

Lolitas rule Japantag 2016 ;-)
Probably the best part of this Meet-Up was to see so many known faces again. Everyone looked so lovely <3

Immediately afterwards we watched a part of the programme held at the main stage:

Thereafter we strolled along Düsseldorf's Rheinufer Promenade. It was sometimes pretty difficult to egde a way through the crowd. It is getting from year to year more crowded (sadly). >___> One positive thing was that I got a lot of compliments for my outfit that day which made me pretty bashful. ^///^

waiting for Domo, the mascot of NHK and Hello Kitty by my side <3
Somehow we decided to leave Japantag this year earlier. It was simply way to crowded and as a consequence it was getting pretty comfortless. During a final round tour we took a few more photos and enjoyed togetherness. <3

doki doki

When arriving at my car, a cute duck couple were awaiting us and weren't shy at all. CUUUUTE!!

making friends with duck-kun and duck-chan X'D

Eventhough we do not see the firework I am glad that I went to Japantag. It was about time enjoying a sunny nice day with my better half again. ^///^

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